Income tax a good thing



I recently read your “Don’t Forget To Vote!” article (Hammer, Oct. 31-Nov. 7), and while I’ve enjoyed reading your articles over the years whether I agreed with them or not (last week’s article about your father was a good one ... nice job), I would like to comment on your view that Mayor Peterson hasn’t done much to help our local firefighters or police officers. 

The recent income tax increase not only will put more money into public safety but it also will help strengthen their long-ignored pension issues. Sure, there are issues with Peterson I’ve questioned at times myself — new stadium, tax increases (even though I personally believe that’s more of a state issue, which gets unfairly put on Peterson solely) — but public safety has benefited under the mayor, including the police officers who decided to turn their back on the mayor, literally, due to the influence of an arrogant former FOP president.

Sean Cox




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