Jane's Addiction in retrospect


While reading "Jane's Addiction: Temporarily Reunited" (Music, May 27-June 3) at a pub, I reflected on how the Jane's Addiction album Nothing's Shocking impacted my life and opened up my mind to a whole new genre of music. I had just graduated high school in suburbia and Appetite for Destruction ruled the music scene. While I was aware of alternative bands because of MTV and college radio, it wasn't until I first listened to Nothing's Shocking at a party during my freshman year at Vincennes University, which proved to me that the alternative music genre was credible and could be influential. For those of us who came of age in the late '80s, a Jane's Addiction reunion is a tribute to their creative genius even if it lasts for just a brief moment, which is more than Axel Rose could ever hope for.

Doug Smiley



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