Play God: Destroy Earth with nukes, meteoroids


Purdue's Impact: Earth!
  • Will you lightly tap or completely screw Planet Earth in Purdue's "Impact: Earth!"?

If the Mayans are to be believed, 2012 will be our final year of existence. In Timesuck land, we aren't too keen on prognosticating based on what was said by a bunch of people who couldn't keep themselves alive. But after watching The Tree of Life last night (one of Ed's top films of 2011), we are feeling a little existential anxiety and wondering how this lovely planet we're viciously destroying will actually end. (If you're looking for help on how to plan for the End of Days, check out Hammer's tips.)

Thankfully, two online tools can help us play God - or nuclear-armed megalomaniac - and show what could happen in various deadly scenarios.

"Impact: Earth!" is a Flash-based calculator, created in part by Purdue, that lets you choose the size, impact and target information of a meteoroid to see how badly it would mess up the planet. We like whales, but wouldn't be very fond of a humpack-sized chunk of iron hitting us dead-on.

And the cleverly named "would i survive a nuke .com" allows you to select your location and your attacker's nuclear ambitions in order to see how close you'd be to the blast radius. Here at NUVO, we're apparently okay with a Fatman-sized 18 Kiloton attack hitting Monument Circle, and according to the website, we could look forward to some "great skiing in the incoming nuclear winter!" Crown Hill Cemetery might just make a perfect nuclear-winter wonderland.

Have you found any good doom-predicting sites like these? Let us know!


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