Letter: Transit bill benefits business owners and employees


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As a business owner, I am keenly aware of the need for a strong return on one's investment. Because of that, I am a strong supporter of the Marion County Transit Plan and will vote yes on Question 2 on Election Day. Our investment as a community into improving mass transit will improve the employment situation of our residents, grow our city's businesses, and because of those two things, boost our city's economy.

At my six restaurants, I employ 250 people. Many of these employees rely on transit - or would like to be able to rely on transit. I support the Marion County Transit Plan because it would provide my employees with more consistent, dependable service to get to and from work in a reliable, convenient, and less expensive way.
There are several great dining areas in the city where parking spaces are at a premium. Increasing transit availability provides options for patrons who are hesitant to go to Broad Ripple, Mass Ave or Downtown because they don't want to deal with parking issues. One of my restaurants, Binkley's Kitchen & Bar enjoys a parking lot, but I still hear complaints from customers who can't find a parking place on a busy night. Our hospitality industry relies on people from all over central Indiana supporting our local restaurants. Transit will help make this happen.

Investing in transit is sure to provide a strong return for us. Please vote yes on Question 2.


Richard P. Lux, Jr
Lux Restaurants
Indianapolis, IN


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