Letter to the Editor: Why I stand with Standing Rock


Scenes from the NoDakotaAccessIndy march last week - MARK A LEE
  • Mark A Lee
  • Scenes from the NoDakotaAccessIndy march last week

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On 11/ 15/16, I participated in a NoDakotaAccessIndy march in Indianapolis. The goal was to raise the public awareness of the atrocities being perpetrated against the peaceful non-armed, human, water protectors in North Dakota by the DAPL oil pipeline and the complete disregard of the laws and procedure of constitutional government of the U.S.

Also, we chose to take action against big bank who fund BILLIONS OF $$$ in the pipeline and the environmental horrors that come with their funding. The choice of the day was PNC and Chase. Chase, itself, leads the funding with $68-plus billion to companies that drill extreme oil and liquefied natural gas exports.

  • Mark A Lee

As I went into Chase to close my account, I was approached by a member of NUVO who respectfully asked me why I was there. At that moment, I gave a broad answer spoken from my mind.

I would like now, to answer from my heart.

I was there because I am a grandmother who stands in the middle of all who have gone before and all who come will come after ... my ancestors and my grandchildren.

I have European ancestors — immigrants. They moved on flatboats along the Ohio River, from Virginia to Kentucky. Some walked north into Illinois as pioneers; crossed the Mississippi after the Civil War and merged with my Indian ancestors, survivors of the European invasion from the beginning.

  • Mark A Lee

My European ancestors fought in every American war from the beginning.

My parents are now my ancestors. My father fought with courage, honor, and integrity clearly in the presence of danger in WWII. He received a Purple Heart, a Bronze Star and a Silver Star. His parents and my yet-to-be mother spent the war on the homefront, giving my father a reason to come home.

And here I am, a strong people's legacy.

  • Mark A Lee

All my people have been connected to the land, physically, emotionally, spiritually. This remains true today.

The greatness of the U.S. remains in the people's connection to the land and to each other. The egotistical greed of the 1 percent destroys, not only the land, but also the people and the future of my grandchildren.

I stand because I am a grandmother and a strong people's legacy ... and my legacy goes on.



  • Mark A Lee


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