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Protestors gathered at the Indianapolis International Airport to protest Trump's Muslim ban on Sunday night - KATHERINE COPLEN
  • Katherine Coplen
  • Protestors gathered at the Indianapolis International Airport to protest Trump's Muslim ban on Sunday night
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“The Trump and Pence policies contained in the Executive Orders signed on Friday are unconstitutional, illegal and un-American. We will hold the President accountable to the promises of the Constitution, just as we have every past president. We stand with many partners in defending the rights of individuals and will continue to challenge government actions that threaten our American values,” said Jane Henegar, ACLU of Indiana executive director.

Don’t just watch the news, respond to it.

Here are a few things you can do locally and legally to challenge these discriminatory orders:

1. Call your elected officials. There is no single action you can take that is more powerful than talking directly to your elected officials through a personal phone call — not an email, not a letter, but a phone call. Then, follow up your phone call with an email. Several House and Senate Republicans of good conscience have begun to step up and take issue with the president’s order. 

Here are our elected officials' phone numbers:
State Representatives and Senators
U.S. Representatives and Senators 

2. Use local resources. Urge refugees and Muslims to file a complaint with the ACLU of Indiana or get legal assistance if they are discriminated against. The Exodus Refugee Center, Immigrant Welcome Center, and Muslim Alliance of Indiana are other great resources.

3. Attend the ACLU’s free First Wednesday event: A Survival Guide to the Next Four Years, from 5:30 p.m. – 7 p.m. on Feb. 1. Register here.

4. Know your rights and stay informed. The news cycle changes quickly. Don’t just rely on media sources for news and updates, sign up for alerts and follow ACLU and other organizations committed to defending individual rights on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Amplify these messages by sharing them on your own social media.

5. Stay active. Attend rallies. Volunteer. Become a member. Donate. These may seem like mundane things, but in fact, these activities can make the biggest difference.


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