Savage Love: Hall pass orgasms

Plus: Foursomes; Arguments; Tossing salads; Lesbian bed death; and adding lovers.


Last month, we recorded our Savage Lovecast Christmas Spectacular live at Revolution Hall in Portland, Oregon. The audience submitted questions on tiny cards before the show, which allowed questioners to remain anonymous and forced them to be succinct. More questions were submitted than my guests and I could get to, so I promised the crowd I would answer as many of their unanswered questions as I could in this week’s column. Here we go…

“Hall passes” don’t work for many women because they can’t orgasm when having random sex once with a random guy. What alternative would you recommend?

Where is it written on your hall pass — or anyone else’s — that it can be used only with complete strangers? Nowhere, that’s where.

How do you propose a foursome with your longtime friends without freaking them out or ruining the friendship?

Not proposing the foursome is the only way to avoid potentially freaking your friends out and ruining the friendship.

How do you decide who wins an argument in a same-sex relationship?

A sudden-death round of Golden Girls trivia.

All straight guys want to put it in your butt, but when you suggest eating it first, they run for the hills. How can I bridge this gap and get my ass eaten?

Date gay guys.

How do I avoid lesbian bed death?

Date gay guys.

I’m in a FMF poly triad, and I’m looking to incorporate another guy into the mix. I’d look online, but I’m a public-school teacher in a small town. How do I find someone without outing myself and risking my career?

 Ask your partners to do the headhunting.

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