Savage Love: The f-word


I met my boyfriend at a gay night in a club. I thought he was gay because he was dancing shirtless. But he loves going down on me, the PIV sex is the best I’ve ever had, and I believe him when he says he’s straight.

He’s got an above-average cock, but he likes me to tell him it’s small and compare him unfavorably to men I’ve been with who had bigger cocks. I’ve had bigger and I don’t mind degrading him like this. (It’s a nice change of pace to be with a guy who doesn’t want me to pretend like I’ve never seen another cock before!) So that’s not the reason I’m writing.

This is: He likes to be called a “faggot” when he’s fucking me. It makes him incredibly horny, but I feel guilty for using an antigay hate term while we’re having straight sex. Is this okay? Is it fucked up? Should we stop?
Female Anxiously Grants Slurs

It’s not okay, it’s completely fucked up, and you don’t have to stop. And if you feel the least bit guilty about calling your boyfriend a fag when he’s fucking you, FAGS, an hour on gay Tumblr will make you feel better about that. The number of gay men out there who think it’s hot to call their own assholes or other men’s assholes “cunts” will both surprise you and make you feel less conflicted about calling your straight boyfriend a fag.

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