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Your new NUVO editor and baby goat Brown Tiny are both locally raised - PHOTO BY MICHELLE CRAIG
  • Photo by Michelle Craig
  • Your new NUVO editor and baby goat Brown Tiny are both locally raised

Some news from the editorial department: As of last week, I'm NUVO's new editor.

Also, as of last week, I'm NUVO's longest-tenured editor currently on staff — so I guess I'm NUVO's oldest editor, too.

As someone who grew up not a mile away from where I sit in NUVO's office, my approach to journalism was shaped by Indy media. I drifted off to sleep listening to late night local radio and woke up with copies of the Star piled on my kitchen table.

And, of course, I spent many an afternoon flipping through issues of NUVO, wishing so badly I could get into the concerts I was reading about in those pages.

To now helm one of the media entities that shaped my understanding of this city is a surprise that delights me beyond belief – and a responsibility I take very seriously. I plan to do right by all the young readers who grow up with me in this chair, just as Ed Wenck, Jim Poyser, David Hoppe and Harrison Ullmann did by me.

Until last week, I've mostly fit my words into NUVO's music section, where I coordinated coverage of local live music scene since 2011 as the music editor. For the time being, that won't change.

So what can you expect from my time at NUVO's helm? First off, more issues like this: integrated, holistic looks at our favorite things (cycling! beer!) and our least favorite things (public transit issues, government corruption and waste, environmental destruction ... unfortunately the list goes on).

This week's issue is an example of that. Cycling is central to the NUVO experience. We coordinate the Mass Ave Criterium in August, sponsor the Bissell ABG Giant Cycling Team, encourage the growth of bike lanes locally and report on bike sports regularly. We understand and value the environmental impact of bike commuting – plus we think it's a hell of a lot of fun. So, in this week's issue, you'll find the joys of cycling filtered through a variety of lenses in almost every page of the section.

What will you find in the weeks following this issue?

When our outgoing managing editor Ed Wenck penned his last column, he wrote:

"What's next [for NUVO] is a renewed call for human compassion and empathy, a magnified respect for the dignity of all people and the embrace of diversity. ...

"What's next is someone in this chair who will be continually amazed, moved and motivated by the incredible people who work on these pages every day. NUVO's staff shows a commitment to ensuring that the relevance of this publication will never diminish, and they do it on a molecular level, a level most readers will never see."

I intend to deliver on that promise to you, readers. Expect an editorial team guided by radical empathy for the people of Central Indiana who depend on this paper to speak truth to power, to hold those in charge accountable, to rattle cages and celebrate successes in equal measure. We'll keep telling the stories of new artistic visions that transform Indy's arts community, and report on the infrastructural challenges holding them back. We'll show off bands formed in basements with one perfect cassette to their name.

As NUVO's newest-and-oldest editor, I can promise you this: if you're a regular reader, you'll find everything you love about NUVO, and more of it, plus a commitment to deeper dives, faster news reporting and increasingly more ways to find and enjoy NUVO in the digital realm. If you're a new reader, in NUVO, you'll find Indy's most comprehensive guide to arts and culture, plus reporting on the political changes that shape your life in the Circle City.

And if you're a kid picking this issue up at a coffee shop, flipping through to the concert section and wishing so badly you could be at some of the shows we're writing about this week: someday soon you will be able to get into that 21+ music venue.

And, in the meantime, we'll be working hard to make Indy better for you.


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