Indiana Daily Student staffers tweet personal experiences of sexual assault



A trash fire of a debate is raging on between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton right now, stoked in no small part by the release of an immediately infamous Access Hollywood tape on Friday afternoon. In that tape, Donald Trump bragged to Billy Bush that his fame allows him to sexually assault women if he so chooses.

The release of the tape kicked off a mass exodus of GOP support for Trump, and created conversation about Gov. Pence's loyalty to the ticket going forward. 

In response to the public conversation about sexual assault the Access Hollywood tape started, Indiana Daily Student staffers tweeted their personal experiences of sexual assault during the debate with the hashtag #notokay. The hashtag was started by Canadian writer Kelly Oxford this weekend.

Social Media Editor Lindsay Moore:

When reached for comment, IDS Editor-in-Chief Alison Graham said of the project: 

"We are working on a series of stories about sexual assault, the meaning of consent and victim accounts this semester. We have been asking people to step forward with their stories and were receiving mild success, but we knew there were so many more women out there who weren't coming forward because of the stigma around sexual assault.

"As a staff, we thought if we were going to ask these women to come forward, with their names and tell their stories, then they deserve the same from us. No one wants to be the first one to speak up, so the IDS decided to step up first as a staff to encourage women on campus and in Bloomington to do the same.

"As everyone can see from our Twitter feed, they are far from alone. The most interesting part for us was seeing how widespread the problem was among just our staff. So many of us have experienced various forms of sexual assault and had never spoken to each other about it. I'm glad we could finally start the conversation among ourselves and hopefully that same conversation can spread across IU's campus.

"Going forward, I hope we can continue the conversation through our coverage of sexual assault on campus. We'd like to shift the focus from us to the other victims, male or female, at IU."

Spring 2016 Managing Editor Anna Hyzy:
Campus Reporter Emily Miles:
Campus Editor Nyssa Kruse: 
Region Editor Lyndsay Jones
Investigations Editor Hannah Alani:
Campus Reporter Lydia Gerike:
Investigations Reporter Carley Lanich:
Managing Editor Anna Boone:
Design Chief Harley Wiltsey:
Editor-in-Chief Alison Graham: 
Region Reporter Dominick Jean:

This post is being updated as more stories are posted. 

Investigations Editor Hannah Alani also announced the IDS is working on four different sexual assault investigation projects. 

This headline has been updated to acknowledge the IDS's tweets were sent an hour before the debate began. 


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