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Scenes from the IN Dems watch party in Indy - MARK A. LEE
  • Mark A. Lee
  • Scenes from the IN Dems watch party in Indy

Editor's note: NUVO is collecting particularly poignant responses to the election from Indianapolis residents. Want to write us? is always open for your —thoughtful, respectful, passionate — letters to the editors' desks.

On election day I like to see the lines of people in Rochester, N.Y. who visit Susan B. Anthony's grave and place their I Voted stickers on her tombstone.

We don't have anything like that in central Indiana so I decided to go see where Madge Oberholtzer was buried and give her my sticker. Madge was taken from her family near where I grew up in Irvington. In 1925 she was raped, tortured and murdered by D.C. Stephenson, Grand Dragon of the KKK. She told him she would report him to the law and he told her "I am the law." I thought Madge might like to know that times are changing, That women's voices might be heard. But I have never been more wrong. Instead we elected a man endorsed by the KKK who embraces their ways: anti semitism, anti immigration, anti civil rights, anti LGBT. The man we elected has twice been sued by the Justice Department because his real estate company refused to rent to African Americans, a man who refers to women as Fat. Pig. Dog. Slob. Ugly. Bimbo. Menstruating. He said no one would vote for Carly Fiorina because of her face, that breastfeeding women are disgusting and that women who have "breast reductions are insane." I could go on and on.

But who would I tell? He is the law now. He is our President Elect and he is coming for me. He is also coming for those of you on the margins. Are you ready? So many posts today have asked that we be kind to each other. I am lucky that none of my fb friends have been unkind. But being kind and being docile are two different things. I will not be silent. I will not accept his hate. Sadly, it appears that we are stuck as it was 91 years ago. I am so sorry, Madge. I tried my best.

— Judy Workman

John Gregg - MARK A. LEE
  • Mark A. Lee
  • John Gregg
I would be lying if I said I wasn't heartbroken... dismayed.. and beat down by the negativity that the last year has showered on us.
But this morning I realized that all of this might be exactly the gift we need. Many times, I have heard my friends and family mention how upset and horrified they were that Trump and his anger-mongering rhetoric was resonating with certain sections of people. I was shocked, too.

But there they were.

Here they are.

And they were here all along.

If last night would have gone differently, they would have still been here... but they might have been silenced again in the same way they have been for years.

That's obviously not working.

They are here.

They have been here all along.

They were at the lunch counters spitting at black americans. They were pushing through protesters and snapping suffragette picket signs in two. They were beating gay youth.

There is no use pretending they will go away.

There is no use pushing them into a corner and covering them up like an overflowing dirty laundry basket you throw a blanket over so that your parents won't see it and find out that all along you haven't been doing your laundry... we all can smell it now. It's time to buckle down and get to washing.

But here is the awesome news ... the only way to defeat hate is with love. The only way to diffuse anger is with understanding and compassion. The best way to deal with fear is through empathy and cooperation. WE ALL KNOW THIS. It has been shown to us SO many times by so many incredible people. THEN we can truly join each other... outside of our social media bubbles... inside each other's line of sight. No more hiding.

So, let's get to it!

Let's keep telling stories that move people and help them understand each other. Let's follow advice and "go high" as often as we can muster up the energy to do so. We know we have each other to recharge... let's share it with those who feel so isolated that they choose fear as their compass. And it's going to be dark. And loud. And probably a bit scary. We are lost together, let's use the brightest light we can to get out of this darkness.

I'm not gonna lie. I'm kind of excited.

I think we are going to see just how amazing we all truly can be.

All of us.

— Ben Asaykwee

To my friends who have been told they'll be kicked out of the country because of their religion.

To my friends who are seeing a Vice President emerge who promotes that businesses should be able to deny them service because of who they love.

To my friends who have been called rapists only because of their race.

To my friends who have had miscarriages and are going to have a Vice President who promotes women must pay for funerals.

To my friends with disabilities who saw the future President imitate and make fun of you.

To my friends who are survivors of sexual assault and rape who are seeing someone who dismissed saying he "grabs them by the pussy" as "locker talk" is about to become the President of the United States.

I am devastated. I am angry. I am heartbroken. I want you to know you are loved, and I am grieving with you.

And to many of my other friends: WAKE UP. I hope you stop being so lazy and ignorant. Get out of your passive (and I'm #sorrynotsorry, but usually Christian) bubble that because it's not affecting you means you have no responsibility in it. Start making genuine, deep friendships (not just acquaintances) with people who don't look, act, or believe like you. Maybe someday you'll understand what tonight and its aftermath is going to mean to millions of people.

— Dana McNulty

“Top Ten Advantages of a Trump Administration”

10. White House press conferences listing the weekly discounts at Trump Hotels, Golf Courses and Resorts
9. Free Trump Ties for Muslims who are denied entry
8. No Sales Tax on all Trump endorsed products
7. Go through Three Bankruptcies and the Fourth one is Free
6. Free Tic Tacs for the Men at all White House Functions
5. The 14th Amendment is now more of a guideline than a rule
4. Citizens United expanded to include matching taxpayer funds
3. Border Wall will include Amusement parks with a clear view of Mexico
2. Administration will sponsor a monthly Celebrity Cabinet Post
1. Something Terrific for America, believe me

— Thom Woodard

Andre Carson - MARK A. LEE
  • Mark A. Lee
  • Andre Carson
I respect the United States of America and the position of the President.

But this morning I struggle with a country and a President that threatens my way of life and those of my friends and loved one's.

As someone with pre existing conditions, I'm scared about losing my insurance. As a child of aging parents, I worry about their social security. As an Aunt, I empathize with parents struggling to explain this to their children. As a friend, I'm fearful for my friends to be judged by the color of their skin or their nationality. As a woman, I fear for the reproductive rights of all women. And finally, as a member of the LGBT community, I'm fearful I won't be allowed to marry my fiance.

For those of you celebrating this election, please be considerate of those who are in impacted by the President Elect's words.

— Courtney Hodgson

"Respect people's choice."

No. You voted for a man endorsed by the KKK. You voted for a man who's bragged about sexually assaulting women. You voted for a man driven by fear of foreigners.
As Michelle Obama said, this isn't simply a matter of differing opinions. It's a matter of "common decency. Right and wrong."

But, if America really is the greatest country in the world, we can get through this. Trump can try to take away people's rights. But we can't let him take away our hope.

— Sam Watermeier

Scenes from the IN Dems watch party in Indy - MARK A. LEE
  • Mark A. Lee
  • Scenes from the IN Dems watch party in Indy

The Clinton and Obama speeches today were typically meaningless and underscore the Democratic party’s hopelessly delusional detachment from from the tenor of our nation.

In the last few hours I’ve heard Democrats and liberals blame the election results on everything from third party politics, to James Comey, to the bigotry of poor whites, to Vladimir Putin, to Julian Assange.

The hard reality here is that Democrats need to stop scapegoating the entire world around them and instead look within. The party’s repeated failure to take a vigorous stance against issues ranging from corporate greed, to minority abuse at the hands of the justice system have cost the Democrats scores of voters from the precise demographic groups that are essential to their success.

Nearly FIFTY PERCENT of the eligible electorate chose not to vote yesterday. Exit polls are indicating that Clinton underperformed with African-American, and Latino voters. I’d say a lot of the answers for what happened in 2016 lie here.

The Democratic party can’t continue playing the politics of the center. The Democratic party can’t continue to hypocritically court favor from multinational corporations while expecting the marginalized poor to follow in blind faith. The Democratic party can’t expect the full support of the Black vote while the party fails to demand meaningful reform to the justice system. The Democratic party can’t expect the full support of the Latino vote when Obama presides over the greatest number of deportations in the nation’s history. The Democratic party will continue to unravel in this gruesome implosion if they fail to heed these concerns.

— Kyle Long

Friends, apparently, America has spoken. Global brothers and sisters, we are likewise mystified and horrified by this decision.

But apparently democracy has spoken. So let us take a moment to pause in the midst of the most sobering and frightful moment many of us of ever experienced our lifetimes, to look at and examine some of the causes of that which has just transpired:

First and foremost, "the death of our culture will come not the hands of force-wielding tyranny but from our quiet acquiescence the substitution of entertainment for rational discourse." (Neil Postman)

At the end of the day, friends, it comes down to this. Media pundits are now spouting innumerable theories as to how what has transpired came to be. But the simple truth is, the goddamn truth is this, America has fallen prey to its most dangerous enemy — ourselves — and so apparently we have spoken: that we are ignorant, that we are preposterous, that we have let down our international brothers and sisters, and for that we share your sorrow. It is deep, painful and again, terrifying.

But at the end of the day it seems within America, as in the world, with Brexit and countless other xenophobic and often misogynistic cultural reflexes, the darkest shadows of our collective angels has triumphed momentarily over the brightest.

Indeed, we are shellshocked. But friends, Americans and otherwise, we shall persevere. We have temporarily been blinded and blindsided by the ignorance of disenfranchised angry white males, whose voices apparently were under-acknowledged and apparently underrepresented in the polls.

I am such a voter, demographically speaking.

But for what have my brothers so apparently screamed? We want BIG words, we want to broad platitudes, we want divisiveness and apparently we want POWER by way of demonizing "others," anyone we would perceive as threatening that which was once ours.

Global community, our apparent new leader has no plan and as his running mate he has chosen an individual —myself a citizen from his home state — who denies evolution, who disenfranchises LGBTQ+, union and reproductive rights at every opportunity.

We have, quite simply, friends, lost our way — historically momentarily distracted by ignorance, divisiveness, and xenophobia.

Please let us all pray for our new leaders that we may survive the next four years and that the world may be treated justly as well.

But do not doubt for a second:

We shall rise from the ashes of this debacle, of this national embarrassment. We shall contribute positively to our communities, and person by person, open heart by open heart. And while praying for the sanctity of our nation and the safety of the world for the next four years, we will rise with fierce determination to reclaim the mantle that we have lost tonight.

Believe, friends and allies, it is not over.

The story has just begun.

— Trevor Potts


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