Self-care under Trump rule: A few tips for healing after this grueling election



This has been a long week.

Your NUVO editors felt it right there with you. We went home from covering the election (for 12 hours) at 5 a.m. on Nov. 9. When I was about to walk out, our news editor Amber Stearns hugged me. Our boss Kat Coplen put her arms around us.

We didn’t try and comfort each other.

We quietly looked at each other with fear and heartbreak. We all felt the thread of progress — that has given each of us human rights that we wouldn’t have had a mere generation ago — being unraveled in a moment.

In that split second, we saw the shadow of the future. Not a dystopian film, but a cruel reality.

The Vice President is now a man who wanted to give funding, that was intended for an HIV outbreak, to gay conversion therapy.

A man who openly admitted to sexual assault is now our commander-in-chief.

Both have shown violence and hate against nearly every group of people that are not like themselves. So now, it’s (especially) important that if you are among us in these realms to take some time for self-care. Action will come, but this week don’t let them claim your well-being.

Here are a few resources that we have found to be helpful:

Take care of your body. For those in Indy, there are some great options. Do yoga at Treehouse Yoga. Bike on the Monon Trail and find a new restaurant or brewery. If you don’t have a bike yet, check out Free Wheelin — they do some amazing work teaching kids to build and repair bikes. Join the running group that takes 3-mile and 5-mile runs downtown every Wednesday. Go to White River State park and run laps around the Canal and zoo. It’s also a great place to do stairs and an outdoor routine.
Dance it out. There is a Latin dance party at the Jazz Kitchen every Thursday that starts at 8 p.m. There are also swing dance lessons every other week on Fridays in Fountain Square.

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Write about it. Okay we are biased here because all of us at NUVO love writing, but it can be unbelievably cleansing even if you don’t consider yourself a writer. The Geeky Press hosts fairly regular Writer’s Hack Meetups (like the one on Nov. 22, 5:30 – 7:30 p.m., Barnes & Noble Starbucks (Fashion Mall)) and one day writer’s retreats (the next is Dec. 10, 9:30 am – 4:30 pm, Fishers Center for Academic and Economic Innovation at Launch Fishers). Kaffein Coffee shop, just behind Mass Ave, is quiet and a great place to write on your own as well. Neidhammer Coffee (2102 E Washington St.) makes a killer espresso too. And if you need a libation, Ash and Elm Cider is in the other half of the building.

WooSah. Mental health is no joke. (This editor is convinced everyone should see a therapist with the same frequency as the dentist.) The Indy Zen center offers Buddhist meditation and classes to get you started. IUPUI students can access Counseling and Psychological Services through CAPS for free. Talk Space is an online counseling service where you can email, video chat or text a therapist at a much cheaper rate than many counselors. Considering that the Affordable Care Act may go away soon, this isn’t a bad option for those without insurance.

Get the hell out. Go outside! It’s been proven time and time again that vitamin D from the sun impacts your body’s ability to create and store serotonin and dopamine. Eagle Creek is in our backyard, and it’s one of the largest parks in a major metropolitan area in the country. If you are ready for an overnight hike the Tecumseh Trail is 42 miles long (starting 5 miles south of Martinsville and ending in a remote area of Brown County forest near Monroe Reservoir). Holiday Park just re-opened their ruins. The trails run down to the river and are very family friendly.

Talk it out. Gather your tribe and talk all of this out with them. If you want some beautiful people to share a night with and get to see some spoke word in the process, VOCAB is one of Indy’s oldest spoken word nights. The Nasty artist event is coming up on Nov. 20 too — it’s being called “A Celebration of Women & Femmes!” The collaborative space is just meant to help get the creative juices flowing and connect with other queer artists. Write, paint, make music, dance … do it all. They will have prompts to help.

More than anything, keep talking. Don’t close yourself off from others and take courage. This legislative session is going to be harder and more important than ever.

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