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11 with the Eleven: Colin Falvey

Talking Indianapolis, Ireland, Roy Keane and more


Colin Falvey looks to make a move around Ottawa Fury FC's Paulo Jr. - INDY ELEVEN/TREVOR RUSZKOWSKI
  • Indy Eleven/Trevor Ruszkowski
  • Colin Falvey looks to make a move around Ottawa Fury FC's Paulo Jr.

NUVO: You’ve played for teams in Ireland, India and New Zealand. What would you say is most different about how soccer is played in the U.S.? 

Colin Falvey: I think out of everywhere I’ve been, the players are a lot more athletic [here]. Maybe because of how many different sports that kids grow up playing — a lot of good athletes. I’d say that’s the one thing that surprised when I first came to the States.

NUVO: I saw you’ve made it to a Pacers and Indians game since arriving in Indianapolis. How would you compare Indy to other cities as a so-called "sports town"?

Falvey: I thought originally it was going to a lot bigger. But when you’re downtown it’s actually quite easy to get around. It’s like a small city feel to it which is nice. I’ve been in Charleston, South Carolina, which is a very small town. I was in Ottawa in Canada last year which is quite small as well. So this is kind of my first experience in living in a bigger city so I’m still getting used to it.

NUVO: What’s it like having another Irishman on the roster? 

Falvey: Yeah it’s always nice to have a fellow countrymen on the team. We have a lot of mutual friends and a lot of mutual interests with futbol back home. It makes things easier when you come to a new team. We’re getting along really well.

NUVO: What is one thing about Ireland that you wish people knew? 

Falvey: That it’s not part of the UK. I get that one a lot.

NUVO: What nicknames have you been given throughout the years?

Falvey: I don’t really have too many nicknames over the years. People just call me my last name: Falvo or Falvey — basically shortening my last name. Couple of the young guys at Charleston called me The General.

NUVO: Which athletes did you look up to when you were younger? 

Falvey: Obviously the most common ones were the people from my [hometown] Cork — would be Roy Keane. Just because we grew up with the same youth club and he’s from the same neighborhood. Seeing someone like him come out of my neighborhood and do so well for himself and be one of the best players in the world was obviously very inspiring.

  • Indy Eleven/Trevor Ruszkowski

NUVO: What is the strangest food you’ve ever eaten?

Falvey: I would say crocodile in South Carolina. That was a little bit out there.

NUVO: The Eleven had one of the stoutest defenses last season (and this season, too). How does your game fit into this team’s style of play? 

Falvey: I think one of the biggest reasons why the coach brought me here was that I pride myself on communication and organizing a defense. Whether that’s to get the line higher at times or drop off, I think that’s a big part of my game. Thankfully over the last four or five years in the US I’ve been on teams that have been either the best in the league defensively or definitely in the top two or three. So I pride myself on being a part of a successful defense and hopefully that will continue this year.

NUVO: What would you say is your favorite holiday?

Falvey: It’s an easy one for me: has to be St. Patrick’s Day.

[Editor's note: DUHHHHHH! *smacks self in head*]

NUVO: Why No. 32 on the Eleven?

Falvey: It was the first number that was given to me as a pro so I just decided to keep it.

NUVO: What do you look forward to most about living in Indianapolis?

Falvey: Looking forward to getting to know the city a little bit better, still finding my feet here. One thing that’s blown me away is how many very good restaurants are here — great steakhouses. There’s plenty of restaurants to keep me busy. I’m looking forward to trying each and every one of them.


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