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12 local Indiana lagers to drink instead of Yuengling


  • Matt Robinson
If you're one of the many people who doesn't really care that another macrobrew is coming to Indianapolis — whether it be due to their political leanings or if you just prefer to support your local business owners and the kickass beer that they make right here in Indiana — we're here to provide you a few locally-crafted lagers.

These are all lagers that are available on taps and at stores around the  city right at this very moment, so get out  there and drink 'em. Know of another local lager on tap at a place that isn't on here? Let us know. We'll keep updating this until there are 50 local lagers for you to drink, all we hope is that it helps everyone to continue supporting local.


Black Acre Natural Liberty  - An American pale lager that offers the nice drinkability of a lager with a bit of hoppiness for those that love ales.

Centerpoint Doppelbock - As classic as they come, though it has a higher ABV this drinks nice and light.

Chilly Water Smoke on the Lager Rauchbier- If you love smoky beers look no further, this is just one of the many lagers on tap at Chilly Water, but it's worth getting while it lasts.

Danny Boy Mexicali Fiesta Lager - Do you like Corona? Well, this is like that, but it's made in Indiana, so it's better.

Daredevil Helles
- Simply an easy-drinking, delicious, malty beer.

Fountain Square Workingman's Pilsner- The perfect drink during your lunch break or after a long day of work. It's easy to down two or three of these in succession.

Mashcraft Str8 Outta Common - A little heavier than some on this list, but still refreshing with a bit of hop kick for balance.

Oaken Barrel Meridian Street Lager- If you're looking for a local micro that drinks like a macro, this is the one. It is as true to a classic lager as you'll find.

Outliers Blau Machen Pilsner- Another one that sticks pretty close to what it's meant to be, a good balance, light, drinkable.

People's Pilsner - Light and easy tasting, a little spicy and sweet. Somehow happier than some others on this list.

Round Town Lager- One of the newest on this list and quickly becoming a fan favorite. This, like most of Round Town's offerings, is traditional, this one in the Vienna lager style. Crisp. Delicious.

Sun King Indians Lager- If it ever warms up and stays warm, this is a nice refreshing beer and unsurprisingly pairs well with a game out at Victory Field.

Added because you suggested it:

Redemption Alewerks Waves of Grain - This amber lager is a smooth drinking beer with a nice malty flavor, just the way an amber lager should be.


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