19 movies to watch while baked



If you google "movies to watch while baked" you get several lists of films prominently featuring people smoking marijuana, like Pineapple Express, Dazed and Confused, Half Baked, Up in Smoke, etc. While two or three films of that genre are listed here, I've focused on movies that will enhance your buzz without necessarily mirroring it.

In 2011, I wrote an article titled "Movies to Watch While High" that focused on trippy fare. Truth be told, I was more interested in hallucinogens than marijuana back in my stoner days. Smoking weed made my thoughts muddy, made me paranoid and gave me a headache. Those were all things I could do on my own, so it made little sense to pay for the experience. I've been told that current herbal offerings are smoother, so maybe I'll try again one day. For now, here are my suggestions of films to enjoy while baked (including a few from my 2011 piece). and check out my companion piece on five flicks to avoid, lest they harsh your mellow. Good God, this slang sounds prehistoric!


Groundhog Day

Perfect stoner fare. Bill Murray stars, and Bill Murray is the best. He plays a weather forecaster repeating the same day over and over, which is good for you because you can space out for a while, but still easily hop back into the story. The film is funny and deep, so you can laugh and reflect on your place in the cosmos. And it costars Andie MacDowell and Chris Elliott. What more could you ask for?


Slap Shot

Paul Newman and Twin Peaks' Michael Ontkean star in this hilarious, violent, crude, wonderful movie about a minor league hockey coach (Newman) and his efforts to save the team and revive his relationship with his ex (Jennifer Warren). Desperate to draw bigger crowds, the coach brings in three new guys, the Hanson Brothers, who turn out to be enthusiastic childlike goons. I've watched this movie many, many times and still appreciate every scene. The acting is outstanding and the story has just enough drama to make the outlandish comedy feel anchored in something real.


Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

Important: Get White Castles before you turn this on, lest you suffer the same fate of the lead characters. Buddies Harold and Kumar (John Cho and Kal Penn) get the munchies and head for White Castle, because it's true that when you crave a WC slider, nothing else will do. Along the way, all sorts of freaky things happen to them. One of the best is when they run into Neil Patrick Harris, who turns out to be a party maniac (yes, this was the movie where we finally stopped thinking of NPH as Doogie Howser).



Jesse Eisenberg hits the road during the Zombie Apocalypse, hoping to go back to his Ohio home. He meets and teams up with surly badass Woody Harrelson and, soon after, sisters Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin. Ohio gets postponed as the crew battles zombies (the fast kind) and lands in great places like Bill Murray's home (where he acknowledges the most shameful thing he's ever done professionally) and an amusement park! The movie is nasty and gross and funny, and the cast is swell. Fun while not baked, too.


What We Do in the Shadows

Not into zombies? Then how about vampires? This quirky treat, still playing at Landmark Keystone Art, is a mockumentary from New Zealand about a group of vampire buddies sharing a flat in the suburbs of Wellington. It's silly, clever and consistently amusing. You'll also meet a group of werewolves determined to be good citizens ("Watch your language – we're werewolves, not swearwolves!"). The Real World style format works just fine, and the song selections are effective. Co-writer and director Taika Waititi and Flight of the Conchords' Jermaine Clement play two of the roomies.


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