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2012 Election Guide: Judicial issues


Lady Justice sits outside a Missouri state court. (Credit: Rebecca Townsend)
  • Lady Justice sits outside a Missouri state court. (Credit: Rebecca Townsend)

Judicial issues: Don't beat yourself up if you haven't studied the individual caseloads of each judge slated for your review. Without the benefit of a comprehensive primer on why we do judicial elections they way we do, accompanied by the general knowledge that leaders within the judiciary disagree about the best method of judicial selection, suffice it to say, judges face no competition in their races. There are 10 Republicans and 10 Democrats with 20 benches between them at the Marion County Superior Court. Some judicial leaders say retention of judges would result in better jurisprudence if a more-exclusive, but better-formed commission were appointed to review judges' performance.

In a recent op-ed article, Joel M. Schumm, a clinical professor of law at Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law, noted that a poll of Indiana State Bar Association members shows "more than 80 percent of the responding lawyers support the retention of the two Indiana Supreme Court justices [Steven H. David and Robert D. Rucker] and four Court of Appeals judges" who are facing retention votes Nov. 6. Schumm also recommend the court's retention website ( as an additional information source.


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