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2013 IndyFringe recap (in living color)



The numbers are in, courtesy of the good folks at IndyFringe. Ticketed attendance for the ninth annual IndyFringe festival clocked in at 17,286, an increase of 16 percent over 2012's total and a new record for the festival. Box office receipts totaling $121,156 made their way directly to the performers. Here are the top ten shows:

1. We May Very Well Be Sued (four sell-out shows)
2. Welcome to the Monkey House (four sell-outs)
3. The Beast, the Lady and the Sanguine Man (two sell-outs)
4. Electric Romeo (two sell-outs)
5. Bonnie Bitch (two sell-outs)
6. Lashes Off (two sell-outs)
7. De Sade (one sell-out)
8. The Princess Wore Pasties (one sell-out)
9. What Biscuits? (three sell-outs)
10. Shakespeare Wrote What? (one sell-out)


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