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2014 IndyFringe Festival Review Guide



Mission accomplished! We spent 100-plus hours and $1,000-plus worth of (comped) tickets, while destroying 10,000-plus brain cells, in the effort to once again review everything the IndyFringe Festival has to offer on its opening weekend. The results follow, including a few more five-star and a few less one-star reviews than usual. Here's a general rubric for how we allot stars: 5 for life-altering, 4 for excellent, 3 for good, 2.5 for mediocre, 2 for pretty bad and 1 for execrable. Of course, any experience could be life-altering if you haven't lived very long or have a low bar for what constitutes a mind-blowing experience. But we'd like to think that if we've given the show five stars, there's a good chance you'll walk out of it a slightly different person. Happy Fringing!

Cook Theatre (reviews by Hope Baugh)

ComedySportz (reviews by Tarah Cantrell)

Theatre on the Square, Main Stage (reviews by Scott Shoger)

Theatre on the Square, Stage Two (reviews by Rita Kohn)

The Phoenix, Frank & Katrina Basile Theatre (reviews by Dan Grossman except when noted)

Phoenix Theatre, Main Stage (reviews by Ed Wenck)

IndyFringe Basile Theatre (reviews by Katelyn Coyne)

800 Bloc Theatre (reviews by Laurence Brown)


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