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500 facts: leading the race

Love that clean air



149. Big Al's led the most laps in a career.

Unser, Sr. was in front for 644 circuits before he hung it up.

150. Billy Arnold led the most laps in a single race.

Arnold was in front for 198 laps in 1930.

151. That's also the most led by a winner, by the way.

Billy took the lead after lap 2 and never looked back.

152. Dan Wheldon set the record for fewest laps led by a winner.

Wheldon only led the lap that ended in checkered in 2011.

153. Ralph DePalma holds the record for single-race futility.

DePalma led for 196 laps and didn't win the 1912 500.

154. Rodger Ward led the 1960 race 10 different times and didn't win.

And speaking of single-race futility, that's also a record.

155. And when it comes to career futility — pity poor Michael Andretti.

Over the course of his behind-the-wheel career, Mario's son led a record 431 laps in the 500 without a single win.

156. A.J. Foyt holds the record for races led.

Foyt ran at the front in a total of 13 races.

A.J. Foyt readies for the 1984 500. - PAUL WILLIS
  • Paul Willis
  • A.J. Foyt readies for the 1984 500.

157. Tony Kanaan has led the race more times in his races than anyone.

Tony's been in front an incredible 46 times.

158. Kanaan and Marco Andretti shared a record stat in 2013.

Each driver led that race 15 times.

159. Kanaan led in every race from 2002-2008.

Seven consecutive races — another high-water mark for the Brazillian.

160. Rex Mays holds the record for races led without a win.

Mays ran in the clean air in nine different 500s but never saw checkered.

161. The most lead changes at a single race: 68.

2013 was a great year to be in the stands.

162. 2013 also saw the most lap leaders.

A total of 14 different cars ran at the front of the field.

163. The fewest lead changes: One.

Louis Meyer led for two laps in 1930, and then Billy Arnold turned the thing into a parade.

164. Two different races also saw only two lap leaders.

1930 and 1965.


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