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5x5 at Harrison Center features music education proposals


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Tonight I have the honor of judging October's 5x5 competition at the Harrison alongside Jeb Banner (SmallBox, MFT); Dmitri Vietze (StoryAmp, rock paper scissors, inc.) Michael Kaufmann (Indy Chamber, CICF, Health and Hospital Corporations) and Alan Bacon (Campus President of Harrison College and guitarist for Chamber Music). Together, we'll decide who of the five presenters will walk away with $10,000 to bring their project to fruition. Of course, if you come, and I dearly hope you will, you'll get to help decide, too. Because at 5x5, everybody hears the presentations, and everybody gets a vote. 

This month's focus is on music, music education and music technology.  There's gonna be beer, snacks and music from local band Jomberfox. Tickets are $5 and available here; the event kicks off at 5:30. 

Here's info on the presenters as provided by Verge. I'm already steeling myself to have to choose between these awesome projects. If you're a regular reader, you know I've got a heart for music education (and am the daughter of a music educator), and basically talk about it all the time. This event is going to be a great one. 

Verge 5×5: Start Up Indy finalists and proposals include:

1. Mousiki- Art of the Muses, the Indy experience by Eric Hubbard

Imagine a musical “tapestry”, woven together using music created by the diverse community groups from all around Indianapolis, that succinctly captures the spirit of our city; the real life experiences of each of the contributors, presented in a rich multimedia educational experience.

This music “experience” will be on film, along with a compilation of video clips of some of the special stories and people in each of the communities to accompany the music that each has created for this project.

The goal for this experience is to promote community collaboration and raise social awareness at a local level, as well as promote inclusion of music in public education.

Once produced, this experience will be freely available to all educational institutions and community partners, as well as not-for-profit organizations.

2. The Retro-Hybrid Show of the Future by A. Paul Johnson

Harrison Center for the ArtsA project to bring multiple and diverse musical voices together into a unified whole with continuity. The format being a book-linked musical revue (or I sometimes call these “Cantatas” as they embody that older form) that encourages input from many source genres of music.

3. iTooLL: A Media Tool Lending Library by Sukie Conley

For organizers, social entrepreneurs, and artists alike, ease of access to quality equipment can often dictate creative capacity, event effectiveness, and overall community impact. We are Indy Art | Media Co-op, and our goal is to ensure that people from all racial, social, and economic backgrounds have equal access to the media and technology tools they need. iTooLL: A Media Tool Lending Library will lend media-based, storytelling items like video equipment, tripods, & cameras; event production items like PAs, mics, audio recorders, & projectors; and practical items like canopies, tables, & chairs for as little as $1/week rentals for members.

4. PANEL: Indianapolis Band Development Seminars by Craig Dodge Lile

PANEL is a monthly, roving, showcase Q&A of music industry experts to help provide knowledge to Indianapolis musicians and bands. PANEL can move around Indy, and will educate, connect, and provide resources and expertise to Indianapolis musicians to help them make it to the next level. These panels will be professionally filmed and recorded (much like Ted Talks) and then archived on YouTube and a PANEL website as an evergreen resource that is always available to Indianapolis musicians and up-and-coming bands who have are continuously asking the question: “What should I do next?!”

5. Sonic Sandbox by Joshua Harris

The Sonic Sandbox is a computer-based tool for music teachers and students to explore sound and build their own sounds from scratch. Teachers can use it to demonstrate the physics behind our perception of sound, and students get to compose with pure sound not limited by preconceptions carried by instruments.


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