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7 can’t-miss highlights from Indy PopCon 2015


  • Michelle Craig

Created by a gang of nerds from Indianapolis, Pop Con celebrates its second year. It’s more than comic books; it’s all manner of geek­doe celebrated at this event. TV, movies, comics, Youtube stars and much more.

Here’s my two cents on what to check out at Pop Con this year.

The celebs

Pop Con has a nice line up as far as celebrities go. Last year they hosted Game of Thrones stars and John DiMaggio (voice acting king from Adventure Time and Futurama). This year will probably make you feel a little more nostalgic.


Edward James Olmos

Edward James Olmos will be gracing Indianapolis with his presence at Pop Con. A well known and respected actor,you might recognize him as Admiral William Adama from Battlestar Galactica, Robert Gonzalez from the recent season of Agent of SHIELD, or (if you lived in a closet where you could only watch animated films) Chief Tannabok from The Road to El Dorado.


Sam Jones

If that’s not enough, the savior of the whole stinking universe will be in attendance! That’s right, I‘m talking about Sam Jones, leading man of the cult classic, Flash Gordon. (What do you mean you only recognize him from Ted?)


Zach Galligan

Remember the chilling tale of a boy and his demonic pet? A pet that wasn’t allowed food after midnight and could never get wet? If you said anything other than Gremlins, please visit a video store immediately and educate yourself. Zach Galligan, aka Billy Peltzer the hero of the story, will be attending this year.

The panels

Men in Comics

June 28, 2 p.m. You heard about the “Women in Comics” panel fiasco in Colorado, right? If not, here are the Cliff notes: To promote diversity in comics, Denver Comic Con put together a “Women in Comics” panel. Great idea, right? Well, except for the fact that it was hosted by all MEN, despite the fact that many fantastic female writers were in attendance. Let’s just say this didn’t sit well with anyone.


In response to that mess, Indy Pop Con will be hosting an amazing and revolutionary panel that focuses on men in the comic industry. Their struggles, their inspirations, their history — and this panel will be hosted by the most knowledgable people about men in the industry: WOMEN. Join Christina Blanch, Jackie Crofts, Bri Rudd and many more Sunday for the Men in Comics panel.

The creators

You didn’t think I would go through this entire piece without mentioning comic creators and artists, did you? They’re the backbone of pop culture conventions!


Tony Moore

So who likes Walking Dead? Deadpool? Awesome art? Well say no more! Tony Moore will be doodling, shaking hands, and maybe kissing babies at Pop Con this year. He’s responsible for the first story arcs of the Walking Dead series as well as the first arc of the most recent Deadpool series.


Troy Brownfiled

Troy Brownfield (who’s also a professor) currently writes a web comic called Sparkshooter as well as Blood Queen, a title from Dynamite Entertainment that began last year.


Brooke A. Allen

Also in attendance is the very talented Brooke A. Allen, who illustrates for the hit comic the Lumberjanes, a story about a group of girls in summer camp fighting mythical monsters.



Markiplier — YouTube celeb

Troy Baker — Gaming actor: Bioshock, Last of Us, Batman: Arkham Origins

John de Lancie — Star Trek: The Next Generation

Sophie Alred — Dr.Who

Andre — Black Nerd Comedy, YouTube

Ciara Hanna — Power Rangers, Megaforce

Chris Masters — “The Masterpiece,” Former WWE Superstar

Muyskerm — YouTube

Lordminion777 — YouTube

Casper Van Dien — actor/director, star of Starship Troopers


Joe Corroney — Lucasfilm artist

Franchesco — Marvel and DC Comics

Tony Isabella — Ghost Rider, Black Goliath, Black Lighting

Scott Shaw — Oddball Comics, Sonic the Hedgehog, Simpsons, Captain Carrot, Garfield, Muppet Babies


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