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  1. Return of the all-seeing eye?

    In the memoir of a short and unhappy tenure as secretary of the Treasury in the George W. Bush Administration, Paul O'Neill wrote about a White House scene in the aftermath of the 2002 mid-term elections, where Republicans recaptured control of the Senate and made gains in the House of Representatives.

  2. Biodiesel not win-win

    A caption in the article "Soy is Growing" read "Soy biodiesel is a win-win for Indiana." I disagree. It will be the agrichemical industry and multinational agriculture corporations such as Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) who will benefit from the government subsidies and not the average Hoosier.

  3. Afraid of the dark

    News coverage, especially on radio and television, has been blurring the lines between speculation and information for such a long time that catching a reporter in the act of refusing to conflate the two had a whiff of righteous rebellion about it.

  4. Toxic City

    In its Clean Cities report for 2007, the American Lung Association named Indianapolis the ninth most polluted metro area in the United States and Marion the 11th most polluted county.

  5. It's not White Expo to her

    Public Interest

  6. Federal and state power clash in medical marijuana case

    In a case that

  7. "One gun makes a difference"

    Saturday, Sept.

  8. Keeping the war on drugs alive

    Follow the money: If

  9. Predatory lending

    Bad loans and broken dreams

    America's collective craze to "trust God"

    Why should even 1,700 years of "church doctrine" be accepted by rational, reasoning and thinking humans? A lie is a lie a million years after it is told. Repeating a lie over and over does not make it a fact.

  10. Let's abolish Halloween

    We get enough satanic rhetoric from Ann Coulter and right-wing politicians these days.

  11. No college for you

    A classic magician's technique is to attract your attention with one hand while doing something else - planting a coin, say, behind your ear - with the other. A similar trick, this one having to do with the ways students are educated at our colleges and universities, is being pulled by radical right-wingers in Washington, D.C., and in a number of state Legislatures around the country.

  12. Mitch Daniels pot bust, getting straight on ganja

    In his final year as a Princeton undergrad, police busted Mitch Daniels with marijuana. Fortunately for him, it was 1970. The U.S. had not yet declared a war on weed.

  13. Catch-22

    Thanks in part to coal-burning power plants, eating fish from Hoosier waterways is more of a health risk than a healthy alternative. Mercury was the toxin of concern for state environmentalists at a recent press conference. The metal has been shown to be prevalent in fish and dangerous to children and women of child-bearing age.

  14. 'Hijacking Catastrophe'

    As more Americans daily question the murky reasoning behind the occupation of Iraq, a revealing new documentary film, Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear & the Selling of American Empire, provides answers while raising deeper questions.

  15. How dirty is Indiana?

    Indiana presents a textbook study of environmental quality being sacrificed so that wealthy business interests can grow even wealthier. Environmental writer Peter Montague notes that these so called "free marketeers" treat our environment as though it were an "inexhaustible supermarket for raw materials and a bottomless free toilet for wastes."

  16. UFO sightings at all-time levels

    Strange things have been happening lately. Global warming is about to cause a massive new Ice Age, George Bush is looking more and more like a one-term president and al Qaeda says it now has nuclear capability.

  17. Indiana's environment

  18. Dick Cheney at the War Memorial

    Or, what do you have to do to get arrested?

  19. Xers must hold Boomers accountable

    Let"s talk about S

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