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A 4/20 guide to Indy when you have the munchies

A solution to nearly all of your cravings


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It's 4/20 and that means a great many of us will be feeling a hankering for too much food. When the munchies attack and you're craving a specific food, nothing else will satiate that feeling. Here are the places you should go to satisfy all your 4/20 cravings.

Craving burgers? Workingman's Friend - Is it the best burger in the city? Maybe. One things for certain though, this smashed burger will fix the munchies in a minute. If you can't make it to the Westside, you can always get your burger fix from the Red Key Tavern.
Workingman's Friend, 234 N. Belmont Ave., 317-636-2067 


Craving pizza?
 Indy Stout House – The battle between New York style and Chicago Style is never ending. For me, pizza is pizza, I love it all and Stout House takes the cake on best pizza in Indy. It is Chicago style, but thats great when you've got the munchies, you'll definitely be leaving feeling stuffed. If you hate Chicago pizza, go to Bazbeaux, everyone knows that, ya goof. 
Indy Stout House, 9454 Haver Way, 317-663-8487

Craving fries? Canal Bistro – This mediterranean restaurant situated on the canal in Broad Ripple has a large menu full of incredible food, but they boast one item that is a mile above its competitors and that is their fries that are covered in garlic and feta and they're addicting. A close second if you're into something more classic are the fries at Twenty Tap, they're crispy and delicious all on their own.
Canal Bistro6349 Guilford Ave., 317-254-8700,

Craving Mexican?
La Hacienda – With locations all around the city, this Mexican joint is never a let down with their big portions, fast service, and low prices. For me a plate full of Arroz con Pollo (chicken and rice covered in cheese) is just what I need, but their chicken soup is also like a bowl full of spicy love. For more traditional Mexican, head to Carniceria Guanajuato and order steak tacos, or beef tongue if you want to be more adventurous. Oh, and there's always Taco Bell.
La Hacienda, multiple locations,

Craving Asian? Egg Roll #1 – Pho-ck yes! This little spot off Emerson Avenue doesn't seem like much, but their Pho is consistently some of the best in the city. You can't beat a bowl of steaming, spicy broth with noodles and meat. But, if you aren't a noodle soup fan, check out Thai Spice for some truly incredible Thai dishes.
Egg Roll #1, 4540 S. Emerson Ave., 317-787-2225,


Craving pasta?
Iarias – It's an Indy staple and for good reason, the ambience is quaint, homey and reminiscent of an earlier time and the food is quality. My go to is the Chicken Drogato, it's spicy and creamy and pairs well with a Peroni. But, all of the food here is great. Another fan favorite is Mama Carolla's, order like everyone's favorite cartoon cat and get the Rosemary Chicken Lasagna.
Iaria's, 317 S. College Ave., 317-638-7706,

Craving wings? Ale Emporium – The dry rub wings — aka Hermanstyle, Hermanaki, etc. — are the best Indy has to offer. Order a shit ton of them and scarf 'em down, you'll be in a happy place. If you like your wings extra saucy, make your way to Chatham Tap for some Prince Dean's Angel Wings, get the classic sauce, it's spicy and tangy and delish.
Ale Emporium, 8617 Allisonville Road, 317-842-1333,

Craving fried chicken? The Eagle – Mass Ave's newest spot knows how to do fried chicken. It's crispy, it's crunchy, and it's packed with flavor. Add to that their spicy honey and you can say bye-bye munchies. If you're a locavore and steer clear of places that aren't native to Indy, head to Mississippi Belle, with fried chicken and four sides you may not be able to stand up from the table once you're done.
The Eagle, 310 Massachusetts Ave., 317-929-1799,


Craving a snack?
Broad Ripple Chip Co. - They're local, they're chips, they kick Lay's ass. You can eat them on your couch.
Broad Ripple Chip Co., Various Locations,

Craving sweets? Lick Ice Cream – Jasmine & Hops, Cedar & Whiskey, and Root Beer Vanilla Bean are just a few of the crazy ice cream flavors you need to try at this Indy establishment. If you're more of a classic vanilla and chocolate ice cream partaker, stop by BRICS in Broad Ripple.
Lick Ice Cream, 1125 E. Brookside Ave., 317-979-0237

Craving all-day breakfast? Peppy's Grill– This greasy spoon is just the place to go when you're needing pancakes, bacon, b&g, and maybe a cup of coffee. It's also open 24/7, so you can go whenever the munchies take over. There's no reason to go anywhere else for all-day breakfast.
Peppy's Grill, 1004 Virginia Ave., 317-637-1158 

Craving staying home? Clustertruck – This new Indy outfit will deliver you the best food to your door with no delivery fees. Wings, burgers, salads, pork tenderloins, and even lobster rolls come right to your home. The only issue is you have to put on pants to meet them at their vehicle. If you don't want to put on pants, well that's kind of weird.
Clustertruck, your place,


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