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A Beginner's Guide to Let Go! at The Lockerbie


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A Squared’s monthly “freak out dance party” at The Lockerbie Pub in downtown Indianapolis continues to grow in both size and fun with each new installment. If you haven’t checked it out for yourself, you’ve likely heard rumors of the amazing insanity that ensues. A regular since March, I’ve formulated a beginner’s guide to make the most of your Let Go! experience.


Dress appropriately. With so many bodies squeezed into such a small space, it gets damn hot inside of The Lockerbie. Sleeveless shirts are recommended, unless you’re courageous enough to shed your clothing altogether. Such was the case at the May edition of Let Go! as five topless men merrily hopped through the massive dance crowd rubbing their bare skin on innocent bystanders… and not-so-innocent bystanders.

Protect your feet. I only made the mistake of wearing sandals to Let Go! once. Flip flops provide minuscule foot support to begin with, but instantly fall victim to the permanent, sticky coating of spilled beer and alcohol upon entry to the dance floor. Furthermore, high heels are plentiful inside The Lockerbie and can do severe damage when they accidentally land on exposed feet.

Leave your luggage at home. Ladies, carry only the essentials (phone, cash, id) and even avoid a clutch if at all possible. Trust me; you’ll be much happier in the chaotic, confined space without a purse to keep track of.

Pee before you arrive. This is especially important if you’re female, as our line moves about three times slower than our male counterparts'. The Lockerbie offers one bathroom for men and one for women. Better options include locating another bar in close proximity, holding it, or visiting a secluded alley to make use of those tissues you stuffed in your pocket before you left the house. Kidding on that last one… I think.


Be friendly. I feel that it’s necessary to mention this because every person I’ve ever encountered at Let Go! was exactly that to me. On the shoulder-to-shoulder dance floor, I’ve managed to fall into people, step on feet, and knock heads with strangers, but am continuously met with a smiling face and acceptance of my apology. Each time I take a break, someone inevitably makes small talk with me as I catch my breath and cool down at the back of the bar. And even after the standard 15 minutes of waiting in the bathroom line, my surrounding company has always remained cheerful and sociable.

Prepare for diversity. Quite possibly the source of Let Go!’s lure, the event draws a delightfully eclectic crowd in a city often defined as less than variegated. Some come to dance, others come to socialize. Some people wear provocative clothing, show off detailed tattoos, and flaunt exotic piercings, while others dress more conservatively and stray from the spotlight. Intimate same-sex dancing occurs next to strangers finding the beat together next to married couples lost in each others’ eyes. It is this sea of nonconformists that create a safe environment of tolerance for all lifestyles and allow one to truly Let Go.


Let Go! at The Lockerbie occurs on the first Tuesday of every new month and is hosted by Annie & Andy Skinner of A Squared Industries.


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