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A June First Friday user's guide


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From Steve Mannheimers Flowers and Knives at Wug Lakus.
  • From Steve Mannheimer's 'Flowers and Knives' at Wug Laku's.
In terms of star power, it's going to be hard to beat iMOCA's show this month, The Natural World, featuring photography by former MTV News anchor Tabitha Soren and nude videography by Purdue prof Min Kim Park. Soren's contribution to the show, Running, is a series of photographs of ordinary people running - seemingly for their lives - in a variety of environments that seem to offer no immediate danger. Park's Finding a Pose, which like Soren's Running will see its debut at iMOCA, is a video series depicting naked women of various ages and ethnicities trying to meet Park's directive of "finding a perfect pose that best describes them." Check out Dan Grossman's interview with Soren for more.

Grossman also wrote this week about Dan Cooper, whose Seasons opens tonight at Gallery 924. Cooper's paintings, which combine an interest in the local landscape with his far-ranging speculations on the nature of reality, will be the main event in the show. But examples of his work in video and photography will be also be on display. Now to the rest...

Viewers at the Murphy building for iMOCA ought not leave without checking out the paintings of one Martin Kuntz, whose Primary Gallery show, The Fun Machine Died, will collect his paintings - colorful cacophonies of film, comic, album cover-inspired art. The key question to keep in mind: Why did the fun machine die? We're betting on a Pixy Stick overdose.

Brian Fick, Stained Glass Toolshed, at Dewclaw Gallery
  • Brian Fick, "Stained Glass Toolshed," at Dewclaw Gallery

At Stutz Art Space don't miss the preview reception for Walk Away with Art, an free opportunity to check out the work by Stutz artists that will be flying off the walls during the Walk Away with Art event on June 22. Tickets for the June 22 show cost $100 per individual and $150 per couple. This price gets you in a drawing to determine which order you can pick your favorite piece of art to take home; fifty works of art are available for fifty guests.

The Circle City Industrial Park has a couple shows of note: Former Star art critic Steve Mannheimer will subject himself to the scrutiny he used to apply to others with a show of his still life paintings, Flowers and Knives, at Wug Laku's, while Dewclaw Gallery will display work by Brian Fick, in what's being billed as a "micro-retrospective" drawing on work created over the past ten years.

The Earth House has work by Justin Vining, who managed to transition from a career as an attorney towards working full-time as an artist. And Indy Indie is all about metalsmithery; featured artists Andrea Jackson will have a full array of jewelry on other work on display, along with efforts by her Herron students, present and past. Across downtown, IUPUI's Cultural Arts Gallery has suburban landscape photography by Susan L. Moore, an IU-South Bend instructor who has been turning her wide-angle lens on her hometown's subdivisions.

NUVO will, of course, be out in force at the Cultural Vision Awards, held tonight at the Athenæum. Join us for a reception and program honoring Indy's cultural visionaries, including the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library and the 46 for XLVI project, among others. Find more information here.

Finally, on a performance art note, the first of two "street performer battles," intended to winnow down those interested in performing on Mass Ave during the IndyFringe Festival, will be held Friday, 6-8 p.m., at the IndyFringe Basile Theatre. Aerialists, chalk artists, contortionists, guitarists, human statues, jugglers, magicians, mimes, painters, poets, street drummers, singers and sword swallowers are all invited; flatulists will be considered on a case by case basis. Winners will then hone their craft in street performance workshops over the summer funded by a $25,000 Efroymson Cultural Tourism award. Contact Executive Director Pauline Moffat (, 522-8099) for more info.

From Susan L. Moores landscape photography series at Cultural Arts Gallery
  • From Susan L. Moore's landscape photography series at Cultural Arts Gallery


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