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A minute with The Dillinger Escape Plan

Why this is the band's final tour — and where they're stopping tonight in Indy.


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The members of Dillinger Escape Plan are legitimately a little crazy. At least, that's what I've gathered from watching footage of their live shows, which includes diving off balconies into the crowd, throwing amps into rivers, stage-diving constantly ... and, well, anything else destructive you can think of.

Perhaps the injuries incurred from those years of wildness is why after years together and several albums, the band is wrapping it up in style with a farewell tour that hits Indy on Wednesday at the Vogue. NUVO spoke to guitarist Ben Weinman in September before the tour set off about the decision to wrap up the project.

Here's Weinman:

"We have been doing this band for so long. Really I was just thinking about [these things] because there were a lot of bands breaking up, and within the time we were just, making an album or something, the bands would get back together and start doing reunion shows for all kinds of money, or whatever. I started feeling like, 'Man, what's going to happen with us? Are we just going to do this until we can't anymore through physical injury, or people don't care anymore, or we've run out of creative ideas?'

"Right now, we're at the top of our game. Twenty years in, we're bigger than we ever were, we're still doing well, we're more prolific than we ever were. So how is this going to go down for us? Because I don't want a scenario where we just do it until we hate each other, or we're not inspired. That really just was scary to me, that idea. The only way to not have that happen is to take control of it, and really make a thematic ending to this whole story. I think ultimately the most important thing for us is that people think of Dillinger as a body of work that was something special. As opposed to one of those bands that's like, 'Dillinger was one of those bands that did this and that, and I think they just put out a record, but I'm not sure; but they were awesome when I was young!' That's the worst.

"So we just decided we should take this into our own hands now that we feel like we've accomplished everything that we want to accomplish, have put out an album that we're extremely happy with, and just close the book."


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