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A nostalgic look at Halloween




When I was a kid, one of my favorite Halloween costumes was dressing up like C3PO of Star Wars fame. I distinctly remember the gold mask I wore — and walking down the street behind my parents after my mother had wrapped me in foil. (Silver, I know, but it worked.) I think I left half my costume around the neighborhood; as we all know, foil isn't exactly resilient — but the evening remains a fond, albeit crinkly, memory.

Every year as I grew up, I would come up with costume ideas seemingly earlier and earlier in the year. I got inventive — I was Captain Hook in my dad's overcoat with a hanger for a hand; Frankenstein's monster with spirit-gum-adhered "bolts" on my neck; a yin/yang symbol (also known as the year I spent extra fun time cleaning black and white paint from inside my eyeglass frames); and well-known Native American, Poca-haunt-as (thank you, thank you). Sometimes I still think about costumes I can wear, but as I've gotten older, the holiday has lost some appeal for me. Granted, if it was societally acceptable for 30-somethings to go trick or treating, I'm sure I'd be slathering on makeup right now (glasses be damned!).

I may not have made it to any Halloween parties this year, but I still enjoy the enthusiasm that so many of my friends have for the day. From all manner of parties to posting costume pictures all over Facebook, it's a nice reminder that dressing up isn't reserved just for kids. (See also: The dad I saw yesterday who was wrangling tiny humans while dressed like Superman.) While I hide in my apartment tonight with the porch light off because I have no candy, I should start sketching out ideas for next year's costume. If my father saved foil as my paternal grandmother did, I might be halfway to a C3PO costume for 2011.


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