A ringside seat at the end of the world: Haiku from Missoula



these haiku plumb truths
gleaned from writers’ conference
held in Missoula

my dogma is: earth’s
trajectory is on path
to catastrophe

boost in wildfires, temps,
glacier melt; the West’s up a
creek, paddlelessly!

invasive species
so fruitful — no hills left for
natives to flee to

land snatched from tribes now
so spoiled by climate change no
one would want it back

coming water wars
will pit the haves against
the thirsty have-nots

three hours to Glacier
and three hours back — does this bus
make my butt look sore?

won’t BPA be
the natural way to solve
population growth?

quantifying more
scientific graphs just us
pissing in the wind

listen close and you
can hear inexorable
drip of glacier melt

that sucking sound you
hear is dawning consciousness
of our predica—

Jim Poyser watches it all fall apart on; his Haiku News appears each week in NUVO.


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