A ringside seat at the end of the world: Republicans are smarter than scientists!



As we approach the mid-term election, we are learning that, by and large, Republicans running for office this year are highly intelligent people.

They are so intelligent they are even smarter than scientists!

That’s right. Despite scientific proof that carbon emissions cause higher temperatures and that human beings are creating that very rise in carbon emissions, Republicans instead believe that our rocketing global temperatures are the result of natural geologic cycles or liberal propaganda.

I always thought scientists were pretty intelligent, so Republicans and the people who vote for them must belong to a race of Super Intelligent Humans.

There are plenty of smart Democrats, but they are not as smart as Republicans.

Many Democrats believe that humans are causing global warming, but maintain we can’t shift away from our fossil fuel-consuming and emitting ways, because that would disrupt the economy.

Those Democrats are smart enough to realize that the economy is the most important thing in the world, even more important than the world itself.

I guess that makes me the dumbest of all.

Last week I stood in Glacier National Park and listened to a scientist talk about the fact that the glaciers in Glacier National Park are melting, and will be completely melted in 10-20 years.

I wondered what second career he was planning for, because if you are a glaciologist and the glaciers are melting — as they are all over the planet — you are facing certain unemployment.

I was at Glacier National Park with a group of environmental journalists from around the country, who all tell me the same thing, over and over again. Their positions are threatened at their newspapers and magazines and radio stations, because the stories they want to tell are not the stories people want to hear.

From this ringside edge-of-my-seat, I see that at the precise moment in human history that we need environmental journalists and politicians willing to believe in climate science, the actual opposite is happening.

The environment — and the people charged with paying attention to it — are both deteriorating at an alarming rate.

So for this election, who to vote for: the smart Democrats or the super smart Republicans?

Maybe we need another option, a third choice for dumb-bunnies like me and the glaciologist and maybe you, too, for people who believe we can’t have an economy or a livable world, unless we face the proof of climate change.

Let’s call this third party, the Dumbocrats.

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