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A short Earl Greyhound primer




Almost two years ago, I ventured to Radio Radio to see an up-and-coming New Jersey band called The Parlor Mob. In addition to seeing the group I so affectionately deemed “The Led Zeppelin of my generation”, I found another gem in Fountain Square at that same concert: a groovy trio from New York called Earl Greyhound. After the show, we conversed about the tour, their music, and New York life in general. They signed the CD I purchased, and the bass player even told me how she obtained her bohemian feather earrings I inquired about.

Two years later (and four years after their soulful, funky debut Soft Targets), Early Greyhound return from a lengthy hiatus with a less-retro, more-progressive album curiously titled Suspicious Package. The three-piece band is currently on tour supporting their newest release and will open for OK Go this Wednesday evening at The Earth House.

Based in Brooklyn, Earl Greyhound’s sound embodies the expressive spirit of the city in which they live. Seemingly stuck in the 70’s, guitarist/vocalist Matt Whyte rocks the post-Beatles John Lennon look, bassist/vocalist Kamara Thomas conjures images of a modern Foxy Cleopatra, and drummer Ricc Sheridan (with his monstrous biceps, oversized sunglasses, and mini-fro), has badass written all over him.

Suspicious Package presents a band whose biggest priority is simply to jam. Often bordering noise-rock, Whyte tears apart his guitar time and time again throughout the disc. Head-rocking melodies emerge and pull the listener in as Thomas jolts eardrums with rolling, howling vocals. For contrast, a few mellower tracks have been included, but the album never slows.

To ensure punctual attendance, My Old Kentucky Blog has released a detailed set schedule for this Wednesday’s early concert event (The Booze: 6:30, Earl Greyhound: 7:15, OK Go: 8:20). If you’re a habitual opening-band-skipper, I suggest you reconsider your routine and come out early for this one. Earl Greyhound will surely rock you hard.

Earl Greyhound - "Shotgun"


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