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A sneak peek at Wuhnurth 2010



James Nimmer & moe.down Mayor hopeful Rex Thompson
  • Wuhnurth founder & organizer James Nimmer & moe.down Mayor hopeful Rex Thompson

I recently caught up with James Nimmer, whose Wuhnurth festival relocated this year to Spencer, Ind. He's got a lot to say about this year's lineup...

NUVO: I’m really excited for all the new bands that are coming to Wuhnurth.
Nimmer: I think it’s kind of refreshing to bring in new names, new faces, and new sounds. If we don’t hear new music… I see that as a problem. And I hope that bringing fresh sounds to this community will inspire people to pick up an instrument, go out to more concerts or somehow get involved. That’s one of the great things about music festivals. It’s very rare that you’re going to know everyone on the lineup. So, stumbling upon a band and having that “ah-ha” moment is something special. I don’t like to take credit for what’s happening. Bands are the ones that deserve the credit. I just try to find a place for them to showcase their art. That’s my goal.

NUVO: Of the bands that are new to Wuhnurth this year, what are you anticipating to be the most talked-about shows? (Nimmer hesitates and says that he doesn’t pick favorites. “Kind of like, if you’re a parent. You can’t pick your favorite kid!” But he offers a few..)

Nimmer: First, Andreas Kapsalis & Goran Ivanovic. They are true, world class musicians.

Nimmer: Definitely Dead Winter Carpenters from Lake Tahoe, Calif. They are a side project for the Montana Slim String Band. They put so much emotion into their music. Their songwriting abilities are unbelievable. During the festival, I rarely get time to experience any of the music that’s going on, but when Dead Winter Carpenters are playing, I will definitely be there for that performance. I watched a YouTube video of them playing in a small pizza shop somewhere in San Francisco. They were just jamming out so hard and having so much fun with it. And that’s the type of enthusiasm I want to see a band have. You know, it’s a job. But when you do what you love, you become the best at it. And these guys were just having so much fun with it. I think they’re going to blow a lot of people away.

Nimmer: And for the third, I’ve got to say Digital Tape Machine. Wuhnurth is going to be their debut performance. It’s a collective of [members from] very talented jam bands from the Chicagoland area. So there’s Kris Myers (Umphrey’s McGee), Dan Rucinski (Land of Atlantis), Marcus Rezak (Hue), Joe Hettinga and Kevin Barry (Strange Arrangement), and Dj My Boy Elroy (Liquid Soul). It’ll be a good dance party… and I know a lot of people aren’t gonna be ready for what they’re gonna bring.

Stay tuned for more previews of what to expect at next month's Wuhnurth, including a tour of the new festival grounds at Stable Studios and a primer on how to best prepare for the weekend excursion to Spencer.



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