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A visit to the New Day Meadery



Up until last week, I didn’t actually know what mead was.

I knew it was an alcoholic beverage. I knew it was in Beowulf and other Old English literature (thank you, English degree). Besides that, I had no clue just what the stuff was. That’s why I’m glad New Day Meadery has finally opened its doors. It turns out that mead is delicious!

As I’ve discovered, mead is similar to wine, but with fermented honey replacing the grapes. New Day Meadery, which opened earlier this summer, uses only locally cultivated honey and locally grown fruits for their various flavors. When you’re tasting their mead, you’re tasting pure Indiana.

I went into the shop and was quickly greeted by Renee, the shop’s friendly and helpful hostess. She suggested we try the full flight: small samples of their 8 varieties for $5. It’s a great way to figure out what you like while on a budget.

Since fermented honey tends to be on the sweet side (go figure!), I was impressed by the selection and quality of dry meads on hand. My personal favorite was the Peach Mead, which was fresh and bright.

The sweeter meads were especially sweet and intense. If you are a fan of ice wine, you’ll like these. Hands down, I’d take the Semi-Sweet Black Raspberry Mead. While Renee suggested pairing it with dark chocolate, I could easily see having the mead as dessert by itself.

The Meadery is planning on having a small food menu coming soon. Because they’re only offering crackers to munch on at the moment, Renee encouraged me to bring in lunch from one of the neighborhood restaurants the next time I came into the shop. They want New Day Meadery to be a place for community, where friends can enjoy good company and good drinks. I know I’ll be back soon.

New Day Meadery is at 1102 Prospect Street in Fountain Square. It’s open all week from 11:00 a.m. — 9:00 p.m. For more information, visit


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