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A word with Truth & Salvage Co.'s Tim Jones



Got off the phone with Truth & Salvage Co.'s Tim Jones, an Indiana boy (of Old Pike fame, among other bands) who went to LA nine years ago, and is now part of a band that has the goods to be "it" - if you define "it" as a band making relevant and inclusive American rock music, playing great live shows and creating some music buzz in the process. Their debut album comes out in late May. I'll have a full-blown story/interview with Jones the week of the band's show May 6 at Birdy's. Meanwhile, here's an audio cut from our conversation, as Tim talks about their upcoming run as openers for the Avett Brothers (from April 16 through the end of the month) and how you find the best music in 2010.

They just posted the first video from their upcoming debut record - song called "Call Back"


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