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Advocates rally for public education at Statehouse


Many supporters brought their own signs to convey their messages. - LUCAS LLOYD, THE STATEHOUSE FILE
  • Lucas Lloyd, The Statehouse File
  • Many supporters brought their own signs to convey their messages.

Advocates for public education from across the state gathered at the Statehouse Monday to celebrate Indiana’s public schools.

Proposed legislation such as Senate Bill 422, which would change the position of superintendent of public instruction from elected to appointed, inspired the leaders of public education to make their voices heard.

Teresa Meredith, president of the Indiana State Teachers Association, said she is proud to see so many people celebrate public education on President’s Day.

“It’s time to bring greater awareness to the really good things that are happening in public schools,” Meredith said. “Events like this kind of energize us all and remind us that it’s up to us to share those stories.”

“They get to go to school with people who are different than they are, who think differently than they do, and it is very important to me that they learn the skills for respecting that and finding common ground,” Fuentes-Rohwer said.

At the event, advocates expressed frustration with the amount of money going to charter schools because that diverts needed funds for public schools.

They were also critical of using standardized tests as a way to judge teacher performance. Meredith said there is more that goes into education than a test score and it is a larger umbrella that cannot be understood through a standardized test.

“Schools for different students mean different things. It could be anything from a safe place to get nourishment providing a safe environment to study and learn, to enriching and growing their minds, getting them engaged, and excited about learning,” Meredith said.

Last year on President’s Day was the first time for the event and organizers anticipate this to be a regular celebration.

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