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Alibabba's Thought Bubble 3: The Fungus Among Us




Alibabba’s Convenience Store clerks, Azziem and Habib, are up to the same shenanigans in the third installment of Alibabba’s Thought Bubble: The Fungus Among Us.

Before you even ask- the answer is yes. We’re talking about that kind of fungus.

Although this episode focuses slightly more on Azziem, the victim of the pizza contaminated with extra ‘shrooms, there is also a fair amount of customer heckling by street-smart Habib. For the duration of the 20-minute cartoon, the story toggles back and forth between Azziem’s illusion-filled trip (which includes ice skating on bars of soap and climbing people he’s mistaken for trees) and Habib’s antics from behind the checkout counter.

A slew of new characters are introduced in The Fugus Among Us, including a talkative hillbilly who orders a beer smoothie, a sickly old woman with a bizarre fondness for instant lottery tickets, and a vegetarian contemplating stuffed crust pizza (“What’s inside of it? What’s the meat ratio?”). For cohesiveness, there are plenty of recurring themes and references from the first two episodes; one customer almost gets his blunt ripper for purchasing the required (but unheard of) quantity of 58 Swishers.

As always, my urging to watch the cartoon comes with a personal disclaimer: the humor is off-beat and easily offensive. Racial stereotypes are recurrent, depicted through over-emphasized illustrations and mannerisms. My roommate and viewing partner commented on the disjointed plot line, suggesting that director Jeremiah Little obtain guidance in achieving a more focused story for the fourth episode. But then again, has there ever really been a narrative to stoner cartoons like Family Guy and Squidbillies?

My conclusion draws on the age-old adage, “To each his own.” Inevitably, there will be one person who likes it for every two who hate it. But with countless hours devoted to the making of the three episodes currently in existence, it’s apparent that Little has accepted this challenge with open arms and isn’t giving up anytime soon. “In the next episode, we plan on building onto the Alibabba’s neighborhood and community with the addition of a liquor store and a house for rent,” Little says of the next chapter in the Alibabba’s saga.

If for no other reason than to support a local artist who’s doing something fresh and outside of the proverbial box, get your mind right and swing by Local’s Only on Wednesday for the premier of Alibabba’s 3: The Fungus Among Us.

And while you’re there, stick around afterward for the weekly Audio Recon Showcase, this week featuring Cultural Cannibal’s DJ Kyle Long.



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