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Perhaps in response to my declaration of shoddy video production relative to local music, the clip below was brought to my attention last week by fans of local filming company A Million Other Things, owned and operated by Jeremy “Jace” Wallace. It’s a short two and a half minutes, but the video stimulates both sight and sound with a message that hits home.

In the first 30 seconds, before a single word is spoken, Indy residents will identify familiar landmarks from downtown terrain: Meridian Street clubs, a few mega-tall buildings that populate our skyline, the IPL building literally lit up like a Christmas tree, and more. Although the entire video was shot at night, the pictorial references of our city’s finest structures (Monument Circle, the Capitol Building, The Stutz) are illuminated with an amazingly vivid brightness. stands on a dimly lit street with a light glowing behind him, shadowing his face as he releases line after line concerning The Circle City and its residents. On the song’s first lines he proclaims “I’m from a city that is often over looked, and the jail or prison systems are always overbooked.” Alpha spits intelligent, witty rhymes that quickly establish a purpose. His words are clearly articulated and fully comprehensible, but are artfully annunciated in a way that plays with rhythm and adds variety to the delivery.

Watch the clip below to see the product of professional videography, extraordinary editing, and astute hip hop fusion- all from impressive local talent.


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