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Altered Thurzdaze at The Mousetrap



EDM is alive and well in Indianapolis. Our city hosts a horde of regular weekly events (Juxtapoze; Keepin’ It Deep) as well as special monthlies (Let Go! at The Lockerbie; High Five) that promote, embrace, and support the ever-growing local community of DJ’s.

This week, and G9 Collective are transforming The Mousetrap (primarily a jam band venue) into a bass-friendly destination for lovers of electronic music. The event, titled Altered Thurzdaze, is built around IndyMojo and G9’s relentless aspiration to cross pollenate the two emergent scenes and open ears to new sounds they might not otherwise experience.

The first installment of the bi-weekly event will feature the dubstep Jesus (a.k.a. Psynapse) who also performed this past Saturday for Juxtapoze at Lizard’s and in July at Mojostock. Altered Thurzdaze comes just days before Psynapse heads to Underground Sound 6 at Camp Zoe in Salem, MO.

Psynapse at Mojostock 2010

Other scheduled DJ’s include Sea Monkey, Hollow Point, and Kodama.

G9 owner and event promoter Matt Ramsey is excited to partner with The Mousetrap. "We feel it's the perfect venue to introduce people to new music, since their crowd is so diverse and open-minded. With no cover and cheap drinks, people can wander in for a game of pool and walk away enlightened."



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