America's future at stake: Which will it be? Misery or freedom?



Two years ago,we witnessed a miraculous transformation in American politics when a coalition of poor whites, African Americans, Hispanics and young voters propelled Barack Obama into the White House.

And although Obama's first few years in office have had their ups and downs, frustrations and setbacks, America is back on the right track for the first time in decades. Like Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt before him, Obama is doing everything he can to take a deeply divided country and unify it behind a program based on compassion and fairness.

All of that is endangered by the upcoming midterm elections.

The ruling white class, which dominates mainstream television and radio coverage, has put all of its resources toward rolling back the modest progress Obama has made.

Its leaders are cooking up the same nasty stew that George W. Bush and his evil henchmen tried to feed us for eight years: repression, economic devastation for the middle-class and poor, and massive rewards to the richest 1 percent of the population.

They've stirred up the racists, religious zealots, gun nuts and enemies of freedom and gotten them all excited about tearing down every constructive idea ever conceived by a Democrat.

That's why it's vitally important that every person who believes in personal freedom, in equality of opportunity and in moving America forward should get out and vote in this election. The stakes are too high to sit this one out.

If the Republicans succeed in electing their slate of crazies to Congress, this country will be in exponentially worse shape than it is in now.

If you want to draw on recent history, turn the clock back to 1994, when Newt Gingrich campaigned on a platform that consisted of opposing every measure Bill Clinton favored, except adultery, which Newt also practiced.

Government was paralyzed. An economy that was on the verge of record prosperity was slowed by anti-small business, pro-big business policies. Endless months were spent dispatching FBI agents to track down Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky instead of trying to find the terrorists who later carried out 9/11.

We could afford a paralyzed government during peacetime and economic good times. This time around, it would be even worse.

There will be no progress towards resolving the immigration issue, which could lead to riots in the streets that would make us nostalgic for the violent protests of the 1960s.

Health care reform will be repealed and replaced with a policy that substitutes the right to health care with the right to die if you can't afford health care. The economic safety net that keeps our poor and elderly from starvation will be removed and those already tetering on the brink will slip into in a bottomless pit of poverty and pain.

Meanwhile, billionaires and CEOs who send jobs overseas will be rewarded with even more tax cuts while the middle class sees its income drop due to inflation.

I'm not trying to inject religion into this political debate, but the apocalypse will be three steps closer to occurring if the Republicans get their way in this election. It may enrage the Bible-thumpers who believe in Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh, but any policy that encourages suffering, intolerance and misery has to be called what it is: satanic.

God may not be a Democrat but, sure as hell, Satan is a conservative Republican. Facts are facts.

Dan Coats may not be satanic but he's about the poorest choice for a U.S. Senator that the Indiana Republican Party has coughed up. He represents the worst that public life has to offer: a careerist bureaucrat unafraid to put money ahead of principle at every turn. He'll be a reliable vote for the anti-progressive agenda.

So if you're in favor of riots in every major city, political repression, a rollback of freedoms, the specter of civil war and permanent pointless investigations of Obama, by all means, vote Republican.

If, however, you're in favor of our elderly receiving dignified treatment, compassion towards the sick and the poor and international peace and stability, you need to vote the other way. The American way of life is under attack and the forces of freedom need you to do your part.

The best way we can do that is by doing whatever it takes to make sure your vote for progress is counted in this election. And to make sure everyone who feels the same way we do about freedom also makes it out to vote.

This election is too important to sit out. Our lives are at stake.


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