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An old chipper

RecycleForce (www.recycleforce.org) will accept old lawn equipment


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Hi Renee,

I need to dispose of or recycle a heavy piece of lawn equipment (an 8 hp chipper/shredder). I saved an old post from GreenPiece Indy suggesting that DAO (Disposable Alternative Organization) could do this, but it appears they are no longer in business. Any suggestions?



Hi Charlie,

Thanks for checking the archives. Like your chipper, I guess my answers don’t last forever.

You have a few options, but the first step is to drain the equipment of all gas and fluids and remove the tires. Once that’s done you can either donate it, make some cash or spend some cash, depending on the level of convenience you require.

RecycleForce (www.recycleforce.org) will accept old lawn equipment, as well as other recyclables, for their workforce re-entry program helping formerly incarcerated individuals rebuild their lives.

You can also take it to a metal scrap yard like Omnisource. They have locations throughout Central and Northern Indiana where they will buy all kinds of metal, including lawn equipment.

And finally, if you don’t have a way to haul your equipment to a recycler, for a small fee Go Green Indy (their web site needs to be updated – the service is no longer free), will pick it up.

Note: this is not a comprehensive list of metal recycling options. If you need to find a metal recycler near you, try using the Indiana Recycling Coalition EcoPoint recycler locator.

Piece out,



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