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Ana Sia, Alex B, Elliot Lipp at The Bluebird



It was likely the mounting excitement for Eliot Lipp, Ana Sia, and Alex B that trumped the desire to find the groove with De Novo Creation last Tuesday night. Ragers rarely get to the club before 10 p.m. and the few who were there lingered on the elevated back half of The Bluebird’s dance floor while the Bloomington DJ performed an early set.

When Alex B took the stage, there was a noticeable shift in the club atmosphere. Herm Productions flipped the switch and the stage was suddenly filled with bright, flashy lights. Alex B’s beats were distinctively heavier and harder. After successfully waking up the Bluebird and pulling bodies to the dance floor, Alex B unleashed an array of new material that made it nearly impossible to stand motionless.

Elliot Lipp served as an appropriate bridge between Alex B’s dense tunes and Ana Sia’s speedy, glitchy goodness. Lipp’s set was slower, groovier, and also the most universal. Veteran dubsteppers and casual EDM listeners alike were able to identify with his gentler sound while still feeling sexy on the dance floor.

Elliot Lipp & Ana Sia

Just after 1 a.m., Ana Sia took her position at the DJ table. By this time, the event’s population was at its maximum- a comfortable, cozy crowd that left plenty of room for vigorous dance and oversized glow toys. As her fans so often declare after a live set with Ana Sia, the woman threw down- meaning she hit the audience with intense beats and performed with forceful, passionate movements from behind her machine. Her enthusiasm was contagious as it flowed from the stage to infect the dance floor.

Weeknight shows can be difficult to attract a worthwhile crowd (let alone a Tuesday night electronic dance event) but Bloomington’s reputation for a guaranteed good party continues to be a living truth. It’s easy to forget just how short that little jaunt down SR 37 really is- a fact I’m committed to working harder to retain. Seeing new faces at a different venue in a city other than my own was a rejuvenating sensation. Bloomington and Indianapolis (both with their admirable music scenes and fantastic concerts on a weekly basis) could see huge benefits if they were dedicated to showing each other support more often.

Photos by C-Style Photography.
Special thanks to Hidden Relic, sponsor & promoter for this event.


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