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Andrew W.K. talks Fountain Square Music Fest, inspires Music Editor beyond belief

Feel the party surge through your veins


Andrew W.K. and real life space princess Lil BUB - YOUTUBE.COM
  • Andrew W.K. and real life space princess Lil BUB

So, thing about me: I'm one those people who can quote large swaths of the Braveheart and Lord of the Rings battle speeches. I'm not proud, necessarily. I'm just extremely susceptible to well-crafted inspiring speeches, especially by people in armor or covered in facepaint. 

Behold, then, my brief communique from Andrew W.K. this afternoon about his levels of stoked-ness to play Fountain Square Music Fest in March, and imagine how pumped I must be now. 

He says: 

"My band and I are extraordinarily excited to be partying in the Square with the good party people of Indiana! We've always had an incredibly high and wild time in this part of the country, and my expectations have been raised way up, to skyscraping levels of intense celebration. We will give everything we have and then give even more. And even after all that, we will only be in the start of the first song. And from there, we will all surge and push and surrender to the joy of existence. That is what we will be celebrating together on this great day. And that is what partying is all about."

Holy shit, can you feel the party juice coursing through your veins? Are you ready to ride your worthy steed into Mordor and conquer Sauron (who hates parties, allegedly)? Shall we move as one body to purchase tickets before they sell out? Yes, yes, yes!  


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