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Review: Annual Faculty Exhibition: various artists



Four stars

Indianapolis Art Center. There was some great work at this show but Susan Hodgin's seven-panel mixed-media painting "Gale" was the one that blew me away as soon as I saw it. Now, I've seen some of Hodgin's work—colorful circles and such on canvas—but never felt particularly engaged by it. Here, however, I saw a sort of shift in the abstract geometric plane across the panels (and a corresponding shift in color and value) as my eye moved from left to right: It was as if a supermarket awning was being sheered off by a hurricane and I was watching from another dimension. A smaller, but no less dramatic, painting by Dan Cooper, "Hoosier Copolthko" (acrylic on canvas) combined the sensibilities of Rothko and Pollock with his own to create the kind of landscape you're not likely ever to see in a Nashville, IN. art gallery. I liked Ben Johnson's dual-bulbed, blown glass vase entitled "Swell" (it looked like it belonged in Neptune's medicine cabinet) and I wish I could squeeze in more descriptions for all the swell work I saw here. Through Oct. 3; 317-255-2464,

Editors note: Dan does manage to squeeze in more descriptions in his blog about this exhibit on


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