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Arthur Miller and the ones who look like angels



Wednesday night at the Irving Theatre (5505 E Washington Street) brought a transformative experience on church pews that almost glowed under hexagonal lamps whose shades were made of newspaper. A small crowd had gathered to witness the return of the Indy Underground Reading Series, sponsored by the Writers' Center of Indiana (812 East 67th Street). The stage was set with grey carpet and charcoal curtains that reflected purple light from overhead. Shortly after 8:00 p.m., Andrew Scott took the stage.


Primarily a fiction writer, Scott shared a five-minute screenplay called "Arthur Miller Walks Into a Bar," which finds the playwright discussing Marilyn Monroe and the afterlife with Joe DiMaggio while seated alongside famous dead including Mother Teresa and Genghis Khan. The line that I like best, the line that I keep mentioning to friends, is when Miller asks DiMaggio, "Where is she?" The answer: "She's not here," soon followed by the revelation that neither former husband is in Monroe's version of heaven. I like when a line, a thought stays with me for days on end, especially when it comes from such a short piece of writing. Scott also shared work published by Esquire, which you can view here. He let the audience know that the lipstick print came from his wife, Victoria.


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