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Ask Renee: Join the Citizens Climate Lobby to help fight climate change

Saving the environment starts in your city


I'd like to Ask Renee . . .

. . .  if she's heard of the Citizens Climate Lobby.  I first learned of its existence when I was handed a flyer as we were getting off the bus in Bloomington following the People's Climate March in NYC in September of 2014.  It's endorsed by Dr. James Hansen, and its primary focus is to promote a policy called Carbon Fee and Dividend.  There is an Indianapolis Chapter of CCL, the group leader of which is Dori Chandler. 


Hi Tom,

I am familiar with CCL, but haven’t been involved in their work. I suspect there may be a few folks who read Ask Renee that would be very interested in getting involved though.

For those who haven’t heard of it, CCL is a national grassroots advocacy group focused on climate change policy (or the lack thereof). They are working to pass a specific piece of legislation, called Carbon Fee and Dividend, with a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Indianapolis Chapter meets monthly and just so happens to have a meeting tonight (August 9) from 5-6pm at the Central Library, Room 311.

There are also chapters in Evansville, Goshen, Knox, Lafayette, Muncie and South Central Indiana. And CCL hosts weekly intro calls to learn more.

Piece out,


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