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Ask Renee: Kat's cat litter problem

What can be done with so much cat litter?


Hey Renee,

Is there any way to recycle or compost cat litter?


Hey everyone! Today we’ll learn if we can recycle or compost Kat’s cat litter.

There is no common way to recycle or reuse cat litter, so you’d have to have a pretty specific need, like filling in a hole. Hey, maybe cat owners should come together to solve the City’s pothole problem!

As for composting, I personally wouldn’t advise it. If you really wanted to try it, there are a lot of necessary steps, like using plant-based, biodegradable litter, scooping all of the waste out, and letting it compost for an extended period of time. And I wouldn’t use it on anything you are growing as food.

If you are concerned about the environmental impact of your cat, Kat, look for litters made from recycled and/or renewable materials (like wheat, corn, pine, newspaper), and is chemical-free, clay-free and fragrance-free.

Piece out,


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