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No recharge, recycle

Putting a positive on the negative (get it?)



Where do you recycle just plain old, regular alkaline batteries?


Hi Jeff,

Happy to answer your question, free of charge!

Interstate Batteries has eight locations in Indiana that will accept all types of batteries for recycling. Their web site claims that they actually recycle more batteries than they sell!

Lighting Resources has a location in Greenwood (498 Park 800 Dr.) that accepts batteries for recycling during business hours (weekdays, 8 a.m.-5 p.m) for a small fee per lb. Batteries go to a smelter where the metals are safely removed and recycled. Their sister company, EZ on the Earth, has battery recycling kits for sale that allows you to safely collect and recycle batteries.

Piece out,


(EDITOR'S NOTE: Renee Sweaney has been penning this column for Indiana Living Green for years, and we've begun making her work available on both indianalivinggreen.com and nuvo.net. And, NO, "Piece out" is not a typo! See here.)


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