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Ask Renee: Oppose SB 309 to save residential solar power in Indiana

Also, keep Scott Pruitt from terminating the Environmental Protection Agency


SB 309 looks to damage the solar power industry in Indiana - PIXABAY
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  • SB 309 looks to damage the solar power industry in Indiana
Hello, Sunshine!

Residential solar is under attack with the introduction of SB 309. This Thursday, February 9, at 9:00 a.m. the Senate Utilities Committee will hear the bill. If passed in its current form, Indiana would take a major step back in regard to clean energy. It drastically weakens the financial incentives of installing solar for homes, businesses, churches and all others wishing to save money and protect the planet by harnessing electricity from the sun.

We need to tell our lawmakers that we support the growth of solar in Indiana, including the jobs it creates and the carbon emissions it reduces. Before Thursday morning, please contact the appropriate legislators to tell them:

“My name is [name] and I am a constituent in [City/County]. I support solar in Indiana and, therefore, OPPOSE SB 309. Please do not put SB 309 to a vote. If this bill does come to a vote, please OPPOSE SB 309. Net metering is a benefit to all customers.”

Senate Utilities Committee Contacts:
Hamilton County residents – Senator Delph, senator.delph@iga.in.gov; Assistant, Lawrence Hemphill, Lawrence.hemphill@iga.in.gov, 317-232-9541
Southwest Indiana residents – Senator Messmer, senator.messmer@iga.in.gov; Assistant, Dawna Smith, dsmith@iga.in.gov, 317-234-9441
Southeast Indiana residents – Senator Leising, senator.leising@iga.in.gov; Assistant, Alex Zimmerman, alex.zimmerman@iga.in.gov, 317-232-9493
Indianapolis (or elsewhere in Indiana) – Senator Merritt, senator.merritt@iga.in.gov; Assistant, Jordan Rose, Jordan.rose@iga.in.gov, 317-232-9533

Hoosier Environmental Council
Hoosier Interfaith Power & Light
Citizens Action Coalition

On an uplifting note, Central Indiana youth have been working on their testimonies advocating that Indianapolis pass a Climate Recovery Resolution. Proposal 21, which will initiate the process to reduce carbon emissions, increase energy efficiency and renewable energy use, and create a climate change-resilient City, will be presented to the Public Works Committee on Thursday, February 9, at 5:30pm at the City County Building. You may attend to show your support for the youth who are fighting for their future ecological security.

Finally, the environment on a slightly more bigly scale – the fate of the EPA is at risk. I have two calls-to-action for you.

1. As I mentioned last week, the Senate Environmental and Public Works Committee approved Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency, sending the nomination to the full Senate for a vote. See last week’s piece for reasons why this is a bad thing, then contact Indiana Senators Donnelly and Young with this message:

“My name is [name] and I am a constituent in Indiana [other states may use this same script!]. I want [Senator name] to oppose Scott Pruitt’s nomination as head of the EPA. His track record shows that protecting the environment is not his top priority. He has spent his career fighting against the regulations that the EPA is charged with enforcing. His potential confirmation is unacceptable and I want his nomination to stop with the Senate.”

Senator Joe Donnelly, 202-224-4814
Senator Todd Young, 202-224-5623

2. On Friday, a bill was introduced to Congress that would terminate the Environmental Protection Agency. The Sierra Club immediately jumped into action with an online action alert. Use their form, but also be prepared to contact Representative Carson, Senator Donnelly and Senator Young directly if this bill progresses.

Piece out,


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