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Ask Renee: Renegotiating the cancelled Covanta deal

With the contract cancelled, Indy looks for ways to improve our recycling programs


  • Michelle Craig
Hi Renee, 

I know Joe Hogsett [insert profanity] cancelled the deal with Covanta.
But I haven’t heard anything about the supposed renegotiation since then.
What’s the status of the deal? Is something going to change or was this
just another grandstand play by a [insert profanity] politician?


For starters, I will gladly answer any questions you have about recycling and green living, but I will not tolerate anyone belittling my home state or name calling. That said, I will still answer this question because I think others would like an update as well.

From a very reliable source, I learned two things.

1. The Mayor’s Office of Sustainability has published an analysis of the results of the recent online survey about recycling.

2. Members of the team will be attending the Resource Recycling Conference August 30-September 1 to learn more about how to make curbside recycling a reality for Indianapolis.

They are also revamping the drop-off recycling program and will make an announcement about any changes this fall. These things don’t happen overnight, partially because it’s government, but also because it’s a huge undertaking. I hope I’ll be one of the first to let you know as a new recycling program evolves.

The Office of Sustainability provides information about all of their services and initiatives, as well as dates for upcoming public meetings (including those that were held to gain input about the future of recycling in our city) – and you’re always welcome to ask me (in a respectful manner).

Piece out,


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