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Ask Renee: Repairing and recycling used lawnmowers

Now that you're repairing instead of throwing stuff out


Repairing or recycling your old lawnmower - PIXABAY
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  • Repairing or recycling your old lawnmower
Hi Renee,

Is there a service or company that will take old lawn mowers for recycling or repair?


Hi Tim,

I thought this would be a good follow-up to Tuesday’s piece about Sweden’s fix-it proposals. Wouldn’t it be cool if there were an incentive to repair your lawn mower rather than get rid of it?

You might check out Angie’s List for lawn mower repair. Their “green” plan costs nothing and gives you access to reviews and ratings to help you find repair services near you. I can also personally recommend the good people at Henthorn Mower & Engine Service.

As a last resort if your mower is not fixable, you can take it, empty of all oil and gas, to RecycleForce to be recycled.

Piece out,


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