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Ask Renee: Share your local and sustainable food story

Renee's newest venture is ATE seven, sharing Indiana's local food movement


I love answering your green living questions, so keep ‘em coming to askrenee@indianalivinggreen.com. But today, I get to pose a few questions:
WHAT IF every person…
ATE one local food SEVEN days a week?
had access to EAT something local SEVEN days a week?
ATE whole, real food SEVEN days a week?
had access to healthy, whole food SEVEN days a week?
ATE an entire meal from local sources SEVEN days a week?
thought about the source of what they ATE SEVEN days a week?
I’d like to introduce you to my friend, Sherri. She’s still in my phone as Touretta because we met through roller derby – she, a Naptown Roller Girl, I, an awe-struck super fan. She’s a pretty remarkable human being with an interesting story, especially when it comes to food.

From junk food to locavore, in a band in New York City to running a farm store in Morristown – we thought it would be fun to share stories of how and why folks are making local, sustainable food a priority, starting with hers.

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Introducing ATE seven, our new effort to tell the collective story of Indiana’s local food movement and hopefully inspire more folks to think about where their food comes from and how it affects the world.

You’ll also find my story, as well as a link to offer to share your story in one of our future podcasts.

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Thank you for being part of my story.

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